Blackest Night: Blue Lantern Barry Allen Action Figure Announced

Toy Fair 2010 is upon us and with that comes some awesome DC Comics toy news. reports that DC Direct will have at least four new Blackest Night Action Figures on display at Toy Fair including Blue Lantern Barry Allen! I knew they would eventually get to him but I never thought it would be this soon. Color this toy collector extremely excited for the possibility of more Flash-oriented collectibles. And with The Flash series finally getting back on track, and with Barry being a key player in the upcoming Brightest Day there is a possibility of more fun stuff being rolled out before the end. IGN has the first pics including this one of Barry as a Blue Lantern:

This is probably the cleanest image we have of Barry in the Blue Lantern gear so far and I’m definitely digging the design. Here is hoping for more great Flash stuff.

-Devin “The Flash” Johnson


10 thoughts on “Blackest Night: Blue Lantern Barry Allen Action Figure Announced

  1. Yrani Gami

    Is your Flash collectibles collection available for viewing on your Facebook page? Oh, and do you customize figures also? If you don’t I really recomend it. Its fun!


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