Flash-Themed Valentine’s Day Cards

I just received these in the mail yesterday; Flash-themed Valentine’s Day Cards from the 1991 TV Series! The phrases on them are a little cheesy of course, being aimed at grade schoolers, but I do dig the art on them. Especially the designs on the second set of pics. I have to apologize for the low quality on the box art scan though. In order to get a perfect scan I would have had to destroy the box and I’m not willing to do that just yet. In any case take a gander;

Happy Valentine’s Day!

-Devin “The Flash” Johnson


5 thoughts on “Flash-Themed Valentine’s Day Cards

  1. Kelson

    Oh, wow! I had no idea they’d made these, and I would have been just a couple of years out of the target audience at the time. (I remember exchanging Valentine’s Day cards with the class as late as 6th grade, and I had just started high school the year that the show ran.)

  2. Jesse

    I remember having these and using them!

    I love how they gave up trying for speed puns with the “You’re the best!” one.

  3. Mark Engblom

    It occurs to me how much the covered nose of the TV mask resembles Wally’s current mask. Weird!

    Also, anyone remember why the TV show guys decided not to color Barry’s boots yellow for several episodes? I think later in the show’s run, they added some muted-gold boots….but the first several episodes clearly had red boots.
    .-= Mark Engblom’s latest blog post: Epilogue =-.


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