Flashy Convention Appearances (Spring 2010)

Some upcoming convention and signing appearances by Flash-related people:

Emerald City Con (March 13-14 in Seattle, Washington) has added long-time Flash writer Mark Waid. Geoff Johns and Impulse artist Humberto Ramos are already on the guest list. — @emeraldcitycon

MegaCon (March 12-14, Orlando Florida) has Ethan Van Sciver — @MegaConvention

WonderCon (April 2-4, San Francisco, California) has the Flash: Rebirth team of Geoff Johns and Ethan Van Sciver.

C2E2 (April 16-18, Chicago, Illinois) has the Flash: Rebirth team of Geoff Johns and Ethan Van Sciver. (Note: This means they will not appear at Anaheim Comic Con the same weekend.) — @c2e2

Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con (June 11-13, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) has Ethan Van Sciver. — @WizardWorld

Florida Supercon (June 18-20 in Miami, Florida) recently confirmed John Wesley Shipp, the lead in the 1990 Flash TV series, for the convention. — @FLSupercon


2 thoughts on “Flashy Convention Appearances (Spring 2010)

  1. Touch of Grey

    Damn, EVS is making one heck of a convention circuit. I wish he’d come back down to Florida for FSC, that would rock.

  2. papa zero

    I mentioned before Humberto Ramos, Ethan Van Sciver, Ray Park and Brea Grant (last two are speedsters from the show Heroes) will be at Comicpalooza in Houston TX… which I will be performing at as well.


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