Vote! CSBG March Madness Round 2

Well, we won’t be getting that Barry Allen vs. Wally West battle after all. While Wally outraced Sinestro 57% to 43% in Silver Age Round 1, the Hulk smashed Barry Allen 52% to 48%. Meanwhile, over in the modern age region, Bart Allen was knocked out of the running by Starman at 55% to 45%.

Flash Wally West moves on to battle the Hulk. Can he avenge his former mentor? Vote in round 2 of the CSBG DC/Marvel character tournament!


5 thoughts on “Vote! CSBG March Madness Round 2

    1. Mike W.

      What chickenmonkey707 said! This would be the ultimate in immovable object meets immovable force! Or he could just go back in time and prevent Bruce Banner from ever becoming the Hulk in the first place.

    2. Yrani Gami

      This is a contest/vote for SILVER AGE characters. Wally could not do that in the silver age stories. Mark Waid wrote that for Wally’s run as the Flash. So, we’re talking about Silver age Hulk vs Kid Flash.

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