Flash Movie in 2012? In 3D?

Collider reports from Showest that Warner Bros. plans to use DC superheroes as the new “tent pole” big-event movies, taking the place the Harry Potter films have had for the past decade. Word is that the Flash is up next after Green Lantern, aiming for a 2012 release.

Greg Berlanti, recently rumored to be in the running for director, ducked the question when asked about the film.

Also of interest: Warner Bros. plans to release all of their tentpoles in 3D. I’m not sure how effective 3-D would be for the Flash or his usual Rogues Gallery, but it has some interesting possibilities if they toss in a brief fight with the Folded Man.

The project has been in development hell for years (Warner Bros. announced it in 2004), but with the new DC Entertainment organization, we’re finally starting to see movement.

(via It’s a Dan’s World, SpeedsterSite, and ComicsBlips)


5 thoughts on “Flash Movie in 2012? In 3D?

  1. Some Guy

    I have one thing to say about this, and one thing only:

    It should be a Jay Garrick movie, because it isn’t about to be a Wally West movie at this point, and without it being a Wally movie, the whole Legacy aspect is invalidated.

    Unlike the situation with Green Lantern, the Golden Age and Silver Age Flashes are not massively divergent in terms of origin and theme, so it isn’t the same situation of Alan Scott having a weaker origin than Hal Jordan. Jay and Barry have functionally similar origins- both given super speed in a laboratory accident.

  2. Lia

    Man, I hope it isn’t in 3D. It gives me headaches.

    Still, I like how much talk there’s been about the movie lately — makes it seem more likely that it won’t get shelved.

  3. James Jesse

    It has been a long, frustrating wait for the Flash to make it onto the big screen. I’m so damn tired of seeing Marvel characters at the movies every summer. D.C. needs to get in the game! Their universe consists of so much more than just Batman. I think it would be awesome if the movie does end up being 3-D. As long as they do the comic justice, I really don’t care. Just hurry the hell up already!


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