Foxtrot Flash Find

The comic strip Foxtrot takes aim at Apple. Could the iPad be the future of comics? Or is something missing?

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(via Gizmodo.)


9 thoughts on “Foxtrot Flash Find

  1. chickenmonkey707

    Ha! Classic…

    On another note, I saw on SpeedsterSite that Manapul posted: “Wally’s co-feature is back?!”

    It was fairly recent, and I was wondering if anyone new anything about that?

  2. Yrani Gami

    I don’t get it. Does that mean that only 1st-string characters will be featured? Does the little boy write and draw his own characters and that’s what his older brother means by “his own comics?”… sorry, I just.. don’t get it..

  3. Jesse

    I think it’s also a play on how as gatekeeper Apple allows some Apps to be made and not others, sometimes seemingly arbitrarily.

  4. West

    I think there at least a couple of different ways to interpret it. Both are painfully geeky.

    I originally thought it was dissing The Flash but that last panel more or less killed that idea.

    SHAG: “Step-on” is a pretty funny typo. Ok, mildly funny.


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