Site Updates: Barry, Max & Intro

I’ve started in on the big catch-up project to bring Flash: Those Who Ride the Lightning up to speed. Updates today include:

Plus a bunch of minor housekeeping bits scattered around the site. Typo fixes. Series in which characters are regulars. Team memberships. Things like that.


2 thoughts on “Site Updates: Barry, Max & Intro

  1. Perplexio

    Will you be updating John Fox since apparently according to the Flash Secret Files & Origins he’s no longer in the 853rd century, he’s now lost in time.

    I wonder if he and Walter West are running the multiverse together.

    1. Kelson Post author

      Yes, I plan on updating John Fox. Though it’s just as likely that Geoff Johns simply has plans to use the character from before he settles in the DC1M era (since he was bouncing around in time a lot for a while there), rather than erase DC1M or decide that he went back to his old costume and got lost again.

      OTOH, the same author just went to the effort to bring back to life a time traveling villain so that his new appearances could be “after” his old ones — even though no such plot device was needed.


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