Design And Win Your Own Flash Ring Spotlight!

With only two weeks left in the contest, I’d like to take some time to highlight some of the entries we’ve received so far and will all be passed on to Arrobasilver for consideration:

Ryan cleverly combined elements of the Blue Lantern and The Flash:

While Adam Komar from Conroe, TX had the interests of those conflicted between light and dark in mind with his concept:

Cape Sandlin incorporated a variation of The Flash logo itself into a modest but visually stunning piece of work:

And Aaron Rivin Rivin took a more traditional approach to his concept: [Edit: Images removed because they were plagiarized (see comments).]

Kevin Allen from Rochester, MI described his concept as: “This is a ring he would wear when giving an interview, or at the opening of a new wing of the Flash Museum. It is a ring he would only take out for super important events. As such, it takes some of the elements of his normal ring, but also adds a few style choices to make it look more regal and important.”

And Joey Forlini delivers with a simple yet engaging piece framed with elements of The Fastest Man Alive.

And that’s only a few of the great submissions we have so far. Thanks for all the entries. I look forward to seeing even more of all your great work, so get those submissions in while you still can. You can visit the Official Contest Page HERE for details on submissions and such.

Devin “The Flash” Johnson


25 thoughts on “Design And Win Your Own Flash Ring Spotlight!

  1. Maeglin

    Whoa, there are some nice ones there. However, being a fan of the Blue Lantern Corps, my favorite would probably have to be the first one.

  2. Ken O

    I hope Aaron Rivin’s design wins. The only reason I haven’t bought a ring from Arroba Silver is that I’ve been hoping they would add a wearable replica of the costume ring.

  3. Tony

    I really like the ring of Joey Forlini.
    Nice artwork and should be easy to buy in stores.

    good job Joey


  4. Chris

    Nice Joey, un vrai travail d’Artiste. Jcompte sur toi pour m’en donner une lorsqu’elle sera produite!:P

  5. N. Southwell

    Aaron Riven’s design was stolen. Those pics are of a Flash ring I designed privately for the late Ted Sterling, (aka “Dark Lantern”) years ago, and were taken from Ted’s post on a Green Lantern message board from last July:

    I can back up my claim beacuse I still have my original prototype to this ring and thus can easily provide more photos of it, whereas I suspect Mr. Riven would only be able to provide the three images posted by Ted.

    I am furious that this had happened because I intended to seek a license from DC Comics to produce and sell my Flash and Green Lantern ring designs in the future. That’s why I refrain from entering a contest like this because, according to the contest rules, all designs entered would become owned by Arroba Silver.

    I am hoping this would not be the case with my stolen design, since it is not a legitimate entry. My lawyer and I will be discussing options this week.

    1. Kelson

      I am so sorry this happened. We will definitely NOT be forwarding that entry to Arroba Silver, so there should be no risk to your design. Please let us know if there is any further action you would like us to take.

      1. Devin "The Flash" Johnson

        I too am extremely sorry that things like this have to happen. Like Kelson said, the design is disqualified and no other designs from Mr. Riven will be accepted. Definitely glad that
        I did this spotlight now. Otherwise all the entries would have been headed to the Arroba Silver. Thank you for speaking up and letting us know.
        .-= Devin “The Flash” Johnson’s latest blog post: Design and Win Your Own Flash Ring Contest! =-.

  6. Aaron Rivin

    Oh my god! I’m SOOO Sorry!!!!!! I didn’t realize it had to be your own artwork!! I submitted several images that were from comic panels as well!! I never meant to insinuate it was my own work! I in no way intended to steal your artwork!

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