Déjà Vu: Flash Races to #2 Spot for April

Diamond has posted their top 100 comics for April 2010, and the new Flash relaunch takes the #2 spot…right after Brightest Day #0 and before Green Lantern #53.

Just one year ago, Flash: Rebirth #1 also started in the #2 spot for April.

Meanwhile, Flash Secret Files and Origins 2010 is way down the list at rank #43 by units sold. Clearly, a lot fewer people were interested in the background material than in the relaunch itself. Of course, Flash Secret Files also didn’t have the words “Brightest Day” above the title.

Sales estimates will probably be out in another week or so. It’ll be interesting to compare the number of actual copies sold to Flash: Rebirth and Blackest Night: The Flash. For now, here are the sales and rankings for the past year.


3 thoughts on “Déjà Vu: Flash Races to #2 Spot for April

  1. Bandito

    My LCS didn’t even order copies of “Secret Files & Origins” until I told him I wanted one. I think low expectation probably accounted for the smaller sales numbers. That and, well, as you say, it’s supplemental material and most people want to read a story.

    Based on the overwhelming praise of the book and the words “Geoff Johns” and “Brightest Day”, I’m pretty confident that issue 2 will be in the Top 5. On the other hand, there are a lot of high profile books debuting this month.


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