Flash Family to appear on Batman: The Brave and the Bold this Saturday in Australia

Lucky Aussies. Batman: The Brave and the Bold’s Facebook page announced a couple of hours ago that The Flash Family will be appearing this Saturday for the first time together (although Jay had an appearance in the episode “Trials of the Demon” last year) and it will be airing in Australia first.

Australian fans will be able to watch a brand new, never before seen episode this Saturday on Nine Network’s Kids WB block at 10:35a! “Requiem for a Scarlet Speedster!” Barry Allen has long been presumed dead, but his “ghost” has been haunting Jay Garrick and Kid Flash. When Batman sees it too, they realize he is not dead!

Definitely sounds like a great episode in the making. I have to wonder though, who is under the cowl of Kid Flash? Wally West or Bart Allen? Since Barry has been long presumed dead in this continuity as well, did Wally ever step up to take over the mantle? Or did Jay just jump back into the role after Barry disappeared? And if either is the case how in the heck is Kid Flash still a “Kid”? Just how long are we talking about here?

As usual I can’t wait until we see more toy prospects. We’ve already seen a picture of The Brave and the Bold Flash (Barry Allen), I wonder if there is any chance we will be seeing a Jay Garrick and a Kid Flash in the near future as well? Flash Family box set? Yes please.

Interesting to note, this will be the first time we will ever be seeing The Flash Family all at once in a TV Show or movie. So excited for all the big things they have lined up for The Flash franchise.

Devin “The Flash” Johnson


27 thoughts on “Flash Family to appear on Batman: The Brave and the Bold this Saturday in Australia

  1. Mbish

    OOHHHHHHH YEAH…. *slides on shades*’
    AUSTRALIA RULES! (I have immense pride in my country:D)

    Thanks for posting this, It was great to hear that we get a Flash episode this Saturday, My weekend became greatly better now that I hear this.

    I too wonder who Kid Flash will be, guess we shall have to wait and see.

    I am soooo stocked. Flash family episode? Yes please!!

    1. Devin "The Flash" Johnson Post author

      Your welcome. Having pride in your country is not a terrible thing.

      1. Mbish

        Awesome Bro. *Peace*

        I will say that I find it weird we got it first and not america. I assume it was produced in america so I would have thought it would be put out there first.

        If I was not Australian I would be upset.
        It’s sorta like that time America got that Doctor Who episode ‘The 5 doctors’ like 2 weeks before England even though it was (and is) a major part of English culture and the episode was supposed to mark it’s 20th (or 25 I forget) anniversary.
        It didn’t even air on the actual day of the anniversary

        I’m not english and I was not even alive and I am a little miffed about that.

    1. Hyperion

      There’s usually someone nice enough to do that, I doubt you’re going to have much trouble finding it in the hours immediately after.

  2. YraniGami

    Dammit! First AFL Rugby, now this! I’m starting to develop a serious case of jealousy of the Aussies! GO HAWTHORN HAWKS! GO FLASH!

  3. Kelson

    Finally! They’ve been hinting at this for ages, but the show schedule seems to be one new episode a month!

    I wonder how long it’ll take this one to reach Amazon or iTunes in the US.

  4. Kyer

    What? I’ve been waiting months and months for this expecting the FLASH family and either Wally or Bart won’t be in it? *sigh* (Not that I’m not happy for something, mind, and this is an event for sure…but was really hoping for all of the Flashes.)

    Also really want that action figure set. Tired of only seeing Batman and Plasticman at my local store (as much as I do love Plaz.)

  5. Hyperion

    And I usually sleep to midday…all right, I’ll make the effort to wake up earlier to see this.

  6. Hyperion

    And another thing; does the Johnny DC BTBatB fit in continuity with the show? Wally’s the (third) Flash in that comic, so…

  7. hugo

    I may be wrong, but I have the feeling neither Kelson nor Devin are really following Batman : The Brave & The Bold, because :

    – Jay Garrick appeared several times after “Trials of the Demon”, most notably : “The Fate of Equinox” (summoned to help defeat Equinox), “The Golden Age of Justice” (member of JSA) and “The Power of Shazam” (taken under Starro’s control)

    – Barry Allen ALREADY appeared on the show, in the teaser part of “Sidekicks Assemble”, even if he had no speaking part. He is also depicted in “Chill of the Night”, but it’s not a true real appearance (more a metaphorical thing).

    1. Kelson

      I’ll admit I’ve only seen a handful of episodes: Trials of the Demon, Golden Age of Justice, and the one with the Music Meister. I wasn’t aware of the Equinox or Shazam appearances, though, and haven’t seen either Sidekicks or Chill.

      Conveniently, I recently got a promo code for Amazon’s video on demand. I think I know what to use it for!

      1. hugo

        You really should since – Flash or no Flash – B & B is a great series ^^

        Concerning the “Power of Shazam” teaser, Jay has a scene specifically dedicated to his capture. So it’s not like he is just in the background with a starfish on the face ^^

        1. Devin "The Flash" Johnson

          Very true. I rarely watch TV at all anymore so I’ve only gotten a chance to watch the episodes that other people have told me about. I’ll edit it up, thanks for the information. Immediately after that I actually noticed that he’d been in at least one more but I made the post before I had to go to work and had no time to go back and edit it fully.

    2. Devin "The Flash" Johnson

      Btw, I never said anything about it being Barry’s first appearance or anything, I was specifically referring to the fact that this was the first time the entire Flash family had been seen in an episode of anything.

    1. hugo

      It’s Barry, because it’s in the past, when Robin, Aqualad and Speedy are really little kids 😉 (and Aquaman has no beard yet ^^ )

  8. Mbish

    This episode was BRILLIANT!
    The characterizations where awesome, the flash mytho was handled well the story was engaging and there where some awesome speedster fight scenes

    and as it turned out Wally was Kid Flash

        1. Mbish

          On the subject of the Rogues how awesome where they in this episode?
          Funny, sarcastic and infused with a hint of brilliant. Captain cold had some perfect snark going on.
          I love the fact that they where most unimpressed with batman. I mean BATMAN! The guy who can make lesser criminals confess with a glare.
          *sigh* it was such an awesome episode

  9. Chris

    Loved this episode! It was brilliant and was great to hear John Wesley Shipp voice as Zoom, it brought back great The Flash TV series memories 😀

  10. Craig

    Downloading the episode now. Very cool that they got John Wesley Shipp as the voice of Reverse-Flash and Alan Tudyk (Wash on Firefly/Serenity) as the voice of Barry Allen.

    1. Eyz

      A great casting for a show that already makes quite some awesome castings overall.

      I just re-watched the episode today, for fun 😀
      ‘tried finding some stuff about it on this blog.


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