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Recent Acquisitions 7: Hot Pursuit? *Image Intensive*

What if instead of a motorcycle, Hot Pursuit used oh I don’t know, roller blades? Yes, Cosmic Roller Blades. That seems to be the concept behind the very, very hard to find Batman: The Brave and the Bold, Rocket Zoom Flash that I recently procured. Take a look:

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McDonald’s Batman: Brave and The Bold Round Two

Salutations Speed Readers,

Last Saturday McDonald’s started it’s second Batman: Brave and the Bold Happy Meal promotion! Just like the Young Justice Happy Meal promotion from a couple months ago this set will feature two Flash-related characters: Barry Allen’s version of The Flash and Gorilla Grodd, one of the Scarlet Speedster’s greatest villains. Unlike the Young Justice promotion I didn’t feel like dealing with McDonald’s at all. So I went the evilBay route. Unfortunately when I wanted them no one was selling just Grodd and Flash (Since they come in two different sets) so I just went ahead and purchased all eight of the sets. I’m only going to show the Flash-related ones right now but if enough of you want to see the rest I may post them at a future time. Check ’em out:

The seller was kind enough to include the Happy Meal box along with the sets.

And a couple more pics of Barry and Grodd:

As you can see they didn’t really fill in the details. Flash’s wings on his cowl are just blotches of paint and although they included the lightning details on his forearms and belt they neglected to fill them in with paint. Grodd isn’t that big of a deal, he is just missing some minor details on the helmet which I wouldn’t realistically expect anyway. Also whereas the initial Brave and the Bold line and even the Young Justice line from a couple months ago were fairly large and featured some decent details where it counted, it looks like they opted for quantity over quality this time around and released 24 different toys. Kids get more bang for their buck with three smaller toys in one package instead of just the standard one.

Just for comparison:

Yep, pretty tiny. Still not bad figures, and it is always good to see some more mainstream Flash love.

Anyone else gotten their hands on these guys yet?

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Devin “Flash” Johnson

Requiem For a Scarlet Speedster Airs Tonight

Flash vs. Zoom in Batman: The Brave and the Bold: Requiem for a Scarlet Speedster

After a long wait, Requiem for a Scarlet Speedster, the Flash-focused episode of Batman: The Brave and the Bold, airs tonight on Cartoon Network at 7:00pm. (Or, depending on your time zone, already aired.)

It’s been online through sketchy channels ever since it played in Australia in May, and legitimately on Amazon Video on Demand since early August. (It was also available on iTunes briefly, but was pulled, possibly to hold it until the US broadcast.)

So, what’s in it? Three Flashes vs. Professor Zoom. Super-speed hijinks. Time travel. References to everything from Crisis on Infinite Earths to the “Dark Tomorrow” arc in Impulse. Cameos by the Rogues. A race around the world. A story about teamwork and no-ally-left-behind….

And great voice casting!

Thanks to Darren for the screenshot, and JC Norris for letting me know that the episode is being shown tonight.

Speed Reading: BATB Video Clip, Young Justice, EVS on WildStorm & CyberFrog

Some news bits from around the net:

Newsarama has new Batman: The Brave and the Bold gameplay video with Blue Beetle and The Flash. They also highligh 5 Missing Themes from the recently-announced Music of DC Comics album.

Art Baltazar and Franco talk about Young Justice, their comic book based on the upcoming cartoon. Their favorite character so far: Kid Flash.

Ethan Van Sciver talks to CBR about his upcoming horror comics at WildStorm…and the return of CyberFrog.

Batman Bits: Rogues in the Game & New Episodes in July

Batman: The Brave and the Bold’s Facebook page reports that new episodes return to Cartoon Network in “late July.” Presumably this means that US fans will finally be able to (legally) see “Requiem for a Scarlet Speedster” (featuring three generations of Flashes) and “Siege of Starro,” which have already been shown in Australia and the UK.

In related news, IGN has posted some new screenshots from the upcoming Batman: TBATB video game…including one featuring Captain Cold, Weather Wizard, and Heat Wave! (via The Rogues Kick Ass)