Flash Museum for Sale on eBay

eBay seller “bflash” is selling a veritable Flash Museum on eBay. In what he has dubbed the World’s Largest Flash Collection, he has for sale over 300 rare Flash items, some of which I wasn’t aware even existed. bflash breaks it down for us:

When you think about the large Superman, Batman or even Wonder Woman collections and items that are out there, then you consider how few Flash items there are, it’s pretty amazing to think that there are over 250 separate and “Flash-only” pieces here and available all at once. This collection has been amassed over 40 years. Each decade and era of the character are represented: 1940’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and now.

Let’s take a look at this massive lot:

*Click on the thumbnail to see a larger image*

Quite the amazing haul. The Buy It Now price is $12,500.00 and the starting bid is $1,000 with a Reserve in place. When a eBay seller puts a Reserve on an auction it means that the sale item has to reach a certain amount before it can actually be called yours. bflash notes that the Buy It Now price is much less than the reserve, and well worth it:

Along with the expected toys, action figures and posters, there are several “very high value” items included: a 1942 Pinback (excellent), a 1961 Vissari Halloween costume (MIB), a 1946 Wheaties Giveaway Comic (Fine – Very Fine), a 1965 Ben Cooper Halloween Costume (MIB), a 1967 Hasbro Justice League – Flash board game (MINT) and Kenner Super Powers Prototypes and “test shot”, just to name a few. Also, in the collection are items from the 1989-91 TV show – scripts, cast and crew items and advertising pieces. These sought-after items more than justify the Buy It Now price.

Personally I have my eye on that Tiger Flash LCD Video Game from the early nineties, but unfortunately he does not sell items individually. The entire collection has to be purchased all at once and the Buy It Now price of 12k does not include shipping, although he does offer Local Pick Up. Glen Antonio had an idea about Flash collectors teaming up to purchase it and divvying up the loot accordingly. Who’s down?

There is a complete list of the items on the auction page and a rough youtube video of the collection HERE.

The auction ends in 4 days and 19 hours so that gives us a little time to have a yard sale and take out a second mortgage on the house. I would seriously have to sell every item in my Flash Collection just to afford this and that might not even be enough. If one of you guys ends up buying this, please let me know. I’m desperate for that Tiger Game.

Good Luck bidders and Keep it Flashy,

-Devin “The Flash” Johnson


9 thoughts on “Flash Museum for Sale on eBay

  1. Raul

    Wow… a part of me is glad hes giving it the opportunity to be properly displayed instead of crammed into a shelve set… but at the same time it sorta feels like he’s lost his passion. If I were him, I’d either keep it to pass it on to show my children what I loved when I was their age, or I’d sell it ONLY in case they needed money.

    1. BFlash

      It’s not like I’ve lost my passion. I’ve saved, sought after, sleuthed and “shelled out” (pardon the alliteration-Dexter Miles would be proud) a lot of effort, time and money to amass this collection. I’ve probably been a Flash fan longer than some of you have been alive – and I still hit the comic shop regularly.

      But, there comes a time when you realize that this “stuff” would be better shared. I do have children, but they have their own interests that I support and participate in with them. My daughter started a Hawkgirl (40+ pcs) collection, but outgrew it and is moving on to college. My son loves to read comics and books, and while the toys and “things” are appreciated, they’re not his primary interest.

      We all talked about this for some time and decided together that it would be best to pass the collection along to someone(s) who would continue the legacy that I started.

      Please don’t think I’ve lost anything: seeing the collection go on to another passionate person adds to the accomplishment. My family and I GAIN by offering it for sale.

      Thanks for understanding.

      Brian {BFlash}

      1. YraniGami

        It’s an incredible, enviable collection BFlash. However, prior to selling your collection, could you please allow some of us who are still very much involved in “the chase”, (ie; the Flash-collecting fever), a more detailed, photographic review of your amazing collection? As a fellow Flash fan, I’m sure you’d understand the excitement we all feel to discover rare items of our shared interest. Do you have a website we could visit? Would you permit me to work with you to process this request for the benefit of other collectors and fans? Thanks for sharing and good luck with your sale!

  2. Mike W.

    Before even reading the article I too noticed while looking at the photos that the super rare items are all on like 1 shelf with the costumes and the board game etc. I’ll have to pay attention to this auction just for curiosity.

  3. Rob

    How much do you get these days for a kidney on the black market??

    As much as I’d LOVE to, my wife would KILL me!!


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