Speedforce.org and Arrobasilver’s Design and Win Your Own Flash Ring Update!

Alright everyone, we just received an update on what you have all been waiting for. Mark your calendars folks, the winner of the Design and Win Your Own Flash Ring Contest will be announced on Wednesday, May 26, 2010. The winner wins a replica of their Flash Ring Design as well as a limited run as a Flash Ring sold on Arrobasilver.com. ArrobaSilver’s rings and jewelry are officially licensed by DC Comics and produces a high-quality product as a result.

ArrobaSilver has been kind enough to keep Speedforce.org’s exclusive discount code active past the contest end date. Entering GA001 at checkout still gets you 10% off your entire order excluding shipping and handling.

Our sincere thanks goes out to all of the fans who sent in their own designs; You guys have made our first contest a success and we really cannot thank you all enough. Keep an eye out for more fun contests in the very near future.

Needless to say we are counting down the minutes until the big announcement. As we mentioned earlier this is our first contest and to have it go so well with relatively few stumbles is a great feeling. Thank you once again for all the support.

Keep it Flashy!

Devin “The Flash” Johnson


7 thoughts on “Speedforce.org and Arrobasilver’s Design and Win Your Own Flash Ring Update!

  1. liquidcross

    Can’t wait to see the winner!

    Do you know if Arroba Silver’s “can’t ship to the US” policy applies here? I wouldn’t think so, since this is a custom contest, but this is the text on their website:

    “Q. If i have my address out of Mexico, can C buy DC Comics items?

    A: No, You can’t. We just sell them in Mexico. If you have an address in Mexico you can buy it.”


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