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Speed Reading: Comic-Con Follow-Up

SyFy Balloon and OmniSome links related to the Flash and Comic-Con International.

Francis Manapul writes about SDCC, Beast Legends, and Flash #4.

Titans Tower Monitor Room has been posting convention sketches from Comic-Con International, including Kid Flash by Sean Philips [Update] and another Kid Flash by Francis Manapul.

DC Comics has teamed up with Converse for super-hero shoes, starting with Batman, Superman and Green Lantern. Somehow they managed to skip the hero who’s famous for running.

I’m still working on my overall convention report. Here are Thursday and Friday. Half-done, half to go!

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Speed Reading: Moments, Covers, Shoes, Rebirth, Brightest Day and No Ordinary Family

Some mid-week linkblogging as Comic-Con gets going…

Less than a week in, CSBG’s 75 Most Memorable Moments in DC History has already cited two Flash moments: The discovery of Earth-2 (“Flash of Two Worlds”) made day four, and Barry Allen’s lab-accident origin made day five.

Once Upon a Geek has been featuring DC Comics ads from shortly after Crisis on Infinite Earths. Today’s spotlight includes a 1987 ad for the then-new Flash series.

The Hooded Utilitarian really disliked Flash: Rebirth. (To be honest, I pretty much agree with this review — and yet I’m really enjoying the ongoing Flash series. It’s as if the two stories are being written by two different writers, both of them named Geoff Johns.)

Yesterday, artist Greg LaRocque dropped by to shed some light on the Flash Jam Sketch posted last month.

Adidas has winged shoes going on sale August 10.

Yahoo News posts a photo of three JSA cosplayers from last year’s Comic-Con International, dressed as the Golden Age Hourman, Atom and Flash (with Dr. Mid-Nite barely visible behind them). I think this is the group I ran into on the day that I was dressed as Jay Garrick, and one of them said, “I was you yesterday!”

Comics Alliance presents today’s comic book covers reimagined in the Silver Age

Firestorm Fan spotlights an Old West Firestorm and Sillof’s Gaslight Justice League.

The Weekly Crisis has analyzed the Brightest Day teaser image.

Marc Guggenheim talks to Newsarama about his upcoming TV series No Ordinary Family, about a family who gains super-powers but aren’t super-heroes. Early reports had the mother (Julie Benz) gaining super-speed, but this interview makes no mention of what anyone’s powers are.

French Designer’s Flash Ballerina Shoes

Bleeding Cool reports on the results of French fashion designers taking inspiration from DC Comics characters. Among the results: €175.59 Flash Ballerina Shoes.

The imperfectly-translated writeup on the listing:

Why “Flash”? We liked the idea to create a ballerina inspired by “Flash”, to keep only the flash of lighting of his great male powers and to put it in women feet!” — Repetto.

More images of this odd fusion at the listing, plus more examples of comics couture at the Bleeding Cool article. The shoes are on the cheap side of a collection that includes €1663.88 Catwoman boots.

Golden-Age Flash Costume: Boots and Shirt Construction

Katie again, as promised, with details on the making of the boots and shirt for Kelson’s Comic-Con Golden Age Flash costume. This shouldn’t be nearly as long as the helmet post, I promise. My aim here is to show the entire process from design to display, as an aid to anyone else who might want to try something similar.

The Boots

Our original intention with the boots was to get cheap boots and make boot covers. I’d picked up a pair of costume boots for myself at Payless at a huge discount a few years ago, which was surprising given that anything in a size 10 or over is hard to find in women’s shoes. However, men’s fashion boots are even harder to find, let alone with a price restriction, and in the sale room of DSW we reformulated our plan. We thought about permanently attaching semi-rigid covers to an old pair of sneakers, but realized that tying laces would prove impossible inside a boot. So it came down to slip-ons, and we located a pair at (surprise!) Payless that fit pretty well. The only question was whether to make them permanent or removable, and the material made the decision for us.

I tend to be a cheapskate when it comes to crafts that I’m going to keep for myself. For gifts, sales, or commissions, I spare little expense; but for my own use it’s Red Heart Super Saver and Westrim beads, because I’m willing to undertake for myself the maintenance that will make the piece look like more than it is. We went to Jo-Ann with no idea what we wanted beyond “shiny bright red.” Luckily, this was during a huge fabric clearance and we found some less-than-half-price red vinyl, which settled the question of what to make the boots from. I also picked up some E-6000 cement, which claimed it would bond vinyl, and some muslin for making patterns and test covers. I didn’t intend to sew the final covers, as it would punch holes in the vinyl. But something else happened then that I did not intend: the E-6000 not only wouldn’t hold up to much pulling (even when I roughed up the shiny vinyl lightly with sandpaper), but flat-out refused to bond to the back side of the vinyl. It didn’t matter that the suggested temperature range meant I’d waited until nearly sunset to be able to use it at all. It just beaded up, dried, and fell off. So, since I didn’t want to mess with mass quantities of hot glue that I’d need to shepherd along definite “seam” lines, it was going to have to be sewing.

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