Now on Google Buzz!

Don’t like Twitter? Can’t stand Facebook? Or just want a new way to follow Speed Force updates? You’re in luck: you can now follow Speed Force on Google Buzz.

For now, I’ll be using it similar to the way I use Twitter and Facebook with the site. You’ll find:

On a related note, I’ve dropped the extra buttons for ComicsBlips and Stumbleupon for now. No one was using them as far as I can tell, and they just cluttered up the (already way too busy) page.


2 thoughts on “Now on Google Buzz!

  1. Andrew

    Thanks for this. RSS works well enough for me, but I use Buzz a lot so it will be another great way to follow along.

    1. Kelson Post author

      You’re welcome! I didn’t have a good sense of how popular it was, but I’ve picked up 10 followers in just one day, which I think is comparable to Twitter and Facebook when I started with them.

      Now to see (a) how well I can keep them all linked ( seems to be working for stuff outside of blog posts) and (b) how well I can keep up with them all!


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