Speed Reading: Art

Some more weekend linkblogging…

Philip Tan posts an image of Flash and Batman, saying, “What’s This? What’s THIS?! All will be made known soon… Very soon…” (via @SpeedsterSite).

Animation Designer Phillip Bourassa describes JL: Crisis on Two Earths models (via @SpeedsterSite)

That F’ing Monkey shows off a custom Captain Cold Munny figure.

Comics Cosplay Brasil: So that’s where the Flash gets his energy!

The Nerdy Bird shows us some super-hero watercolors.


2 thoughts on “Speed Reading: Art

  1. Kyer

    Flash and Batman pic: That’s some alternative universe Flash? Or at least the costume is. Notice the lack of outward-extending ear motifs coming from the base ‘cup’ as well as the missing lightning bolt edging on the glove. Can’t tell very well, but might also be missing from the belt. Plus the eyebrows are too dark for either Wally or Barry…but that may just be the artist. They did that a lot in the books (much to my irritation.)

    Batman looks…evil. More so, I mean. Intentionally…The Goddamn Batz gone bad. Ergh. Is this a promo for Flashpoint? There was that one picture with Batman coming out of a wall, but I can’t find where I hid my copy of Flash v3 #1. -_-;;


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