Flash Jam Sketch

Jesse sent in this photo of an amazing piece of Flash artwork he recently bought:

Here’s how he describes it:

It’s a single board of paper with drawings of the Flash from some of his most notable artists. You’ve got the two main Flash artists from the ’90s: Greg LaRocque (my favorite Flash artist) drew the large picture of Wally on the left, and Mike Wieringo drew one, too! There are also drawings by Pop Mhan and Craig Rousseau. To top it off, Carmine Infantino did the sketch at the top. (I like to think that the 4 drawings are of Wally, with the spirit of Barry looking over, since it’s in a lighter ink.) Oh, and Mark Waid signed the bottom as well. I don’t own a lot of comic art, but even though this was expensive, I jumped at the chance to get it.


It really makes me wonder what the story is behind the fan who originally went around collecting these sketches.

Update: Check out the comments below, where artist Greg LaRocque reveals the secret origin of the sketch!


9 thoughts on “Flash Jam Sketch

  1. West3man

    I don’t trend to buy sketches or other comic art, either, but I will admit that I’d be seriously tempted by this one.

    Also, I SO don’t want to know how expensive it was. Yowza.

  2. Hyperion

    I have a clear version of this on my PC that I found on a site way back when (since the file is dated to 2008); most probably Comic Art Community or Comic Art Fans (though I’m not certain, so it could be from some now defunct Geocities site), since you can buy art via those sites. I assume the physical copy was sold and passed along to several people until it ended up where it is now.

    1. Kelson Post author

      Interesting! It looks like Carmine Infantino’s signature is addressed “To Greg.” Assuming he doesn’t mean Greg LaRocque, this probably means the original fan who collected these sketches was named Greg. The mystery deepens…

      1. Greg LaRocque

        Greg here, I started the Flash Jam piece at a convention when Pop, Ringo, Mark, Craig & I were together. I sought Carmine out to add his work later. I’m glad it has found a good home 😉


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