Flash: Speed Force Book Planned

OK, this’ll have to be quick, because I’m between events.

At the DC Nation Special Edition Panel, Geoff Johns revealed some plans:

For all you Wally fans and Bart fans, we’re doing a second Flash book next year called Flash: Speed Force


*ahem* Sadly, that’s the most I’m letting myself get excited about it. Plans change, and even when they go through as planned, they don’t always happen when planned. If I were to guess, it probably spins out of or into Flashpoint (probably out of, given the timing), and since he mentioned both Wally and Bart (and talked about Jesse, Jay, John Fox, and even XS when answering other questions), it’s probably a Flash team book or rotating cast — either of which I could get behind.

Anyway, I’ve got to get going. I just figured this should get a little more attention than being buried inside the live blog.

(Thanks to comics.org for the cover of the 1997 Speed Force one-shot. And a shout-out to the High Five Comics crew, whom I finally met in person after the panel!)

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14 thoughts on “Flash: Speed Force Book Planned

  1. Kyer

    I’d feel a lot better about this and would be jumping up and down like some past-her-prime teeny-bopper fangirl if about a year ago I wasn’t all excited about a Wally co-feature and separate Kid Flash book. (Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.)

    1. Kelson Post author

      Sorry we missed each other. I realized I have no idea what you look like, unless you were the guy asking all the Flash questions! Maybe next time!

  2. Mr Maczaps

    i’m gonna wait and see how this pans out… i like Barry as Flash, but so far not 100% behind this…. but maybe it could be because its coming out slow…. how about 3 Flash books? heh. Or 4. Every week…

  3. Aleclom

    Hey, there’s something like 13 books focused on Batman and his group. Why not a second Flash book? I hope this doesn’t fall through like the Wally co-feature and Bart book did last year. Sooo I guess I’m cautiously excited.

  4. Mark Engblom

    I think this is actually better than a co-feature, since those 8-pagers are rarely anything special. They’re too short to fully develop a decent story, so I’ll take a standard-length story that *occasionally* stars Wally over a “drive-by” and very forgettable 8-pager.

  5. Jason West

    I am super excited. He specifically said “Wally and Bart fans”. The books gonna star them the same way GLC starred Guy and Kyle. Now Guy has his own series. I’m just sayin…the way current GLC worked for the longest time was Guy, Kyle, and whatever main Lanterns they had join them for the story arc. Just replace that with Wally, Bart, and Speedsters and you’re all set. 😉

    My guess? Written by Sterling Gates (first few issues “cowritten” by Johns) and illustrated by Scott Kolins. It would make sense…:)

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  7. Christopher Schmitt

    Another Flash book without Barry Allen being the focus is fine by me–and welcome news. Especially when it seemed that DC Comics didn’t have much to announce at Comic-Con.

    As for the Flash in particular, I think DC Comics is a little caught off-guard with the Flash franchise.

    The last year or so of Wally West’s run on Flash was less than ideal. Then Bart Allen as Flash book wasn’t great (I think Jason Todd had more of a chance before they killed him off).

    Then with delays on Flash: Rebirth mini-series (where the focus is on speed and all events happening in 1 day, book delays really killed the momentum) and a new Barry Allen book that seems stale to me (in comparison to Wally West’s first few issues to this new Barry Allen run. Unrelated: who cares about time cops when you are a speedster who can travel through time?)


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