DC Nation (Friday) – LIVE!

It took me a while to get into this panel, but I’m here now!

Featuring: Dan Didio, Jim Lee, Grant Morisson, Geoff Johns and J. Michael Straczynski with fans dressed as Darkseid, Green Lantern and Wonder Woman.

4:32 Whew- made it in!

4:32 Grant Morrison is talking about the Joel Schumaker Batman movies & liking the “obscene rubber costumes.” Alfred: “I took the liberty, sir….”

4:33 Onstage: Dan Didio, Jim Lee, Geoff JOhns, Grant Morrison, JMS, with Darkseid, a female Green Lantern, and…Gypsy? [edit: it’s new-costume Wonder Woman]

4:34 Batman and the Kathy Kane Batwoman Costume…wait, Batman’s *wearing* the costume?

4:35 Grant’s talking about liking to create new characters for the Batman universe

4:37 JMS: “Superman’s costume is a lot tighter on him than on you. And that’ll be noticed.”

4:38 There’s a *lot* of cheering coming from the next room over. And rumbling. Showing a trailer?

4:38 Oh, good, I caught the Flash part!

4:39 Flash fans: lots of applause. Wally fans: lots of applause: “What do you guys think of Barry?” mixed reaction. Barry fans: lots of applause.

4:39 Fan insists that Barry is the “real” Flash. Geoff Johns says that the Flash can be like the Green Lantern Corps.

4:40 “I wouldn’t have come back to the Flash if I didn’t think I could expand the universe, and not contract it.”

4:40 Plans for Wally, Jay, Bart, XS, Jesse, John Fox…

4:40 Yes, he said XS.

4:41 Brightest Day Teaser on screen. This one

4:41 Geoff’s favorite element: Black Manta’s eyes behind Aqualad.

4:42 Dan Didio says they have photos of Blue Beetle fan choking him.

4:43 Fan asks abt Predator. Geoff Johns says we’ll learn more next issue: what it is, its history, its future.

4:45 GJ: Grant is doing such a good job with Batman who’s good at his job that he can’t compete, wants to write a Batman who’s bad at his job

4:45 DD: Who’s Who probably next year

4:46 DD: 4 most creative people at DC comics on stage right now.

4:47 “Grant Morrison, how do you know you haven’t already been hit by the omega beams?” “Actually, I don’t care…”

4:47 DD: Actually he already has – he used to have a New Jersey accent!

4:48 DD: If Warlord doesn;t work even with Mike Grelll in charge, maybe it’s time to give the character a rest

4:50 JMS: upcoming Brave & the Bold team-ups: Lois Lane & Adam Strange, Jor-El & Pa Kent, Phantom Stranger & Supergirl, After Inferior 5 & Legion of Substitute Heroes, needed a rest.

4:52 Geoff on loss of Wally co-feature & Kid Flash book: “I promise you that you’ll see some Wally stuff very very soon, and he won’t just be a co-feature.”

4:53 GJ on John Stewart: Had a storyline post-GL, but they decided to make him the lead in GLC instead

4:53 Post-Blackest Night, that is.

4:54 Geoff Johns on Booster Gold’s chalkboard: “Never trust that chalkboard”

4:54 Flashpoint question: like SInestro Corps War that continues forever, or big thing & goes back to running around the city. “I can’t tell you that.”

4:56 Which characters do you think will surprise everyone? GM: Kathy Kane, GJ: Aqualad, JMS: Jim Olson in E1 Superman

4:58 JMS, why *literally* ground Superman? Best way to connect him to people. Look back at original Superman as ordinary people’s court of last resort, so put him in personal stories. Also, contrast: he could fly around the world, but he isn’t.

4:58 Question: Whatever happened to Cassandra Cain? Geoff: You’ll see her outside of comics in something he’s working on.

4:59 Bart Allen question for Geoff: Anything coming out? Geoff: (Can I say anything? Argument ensues) “For all you Wally fans and Bart fans, we’re doing a second Flash book next year called Flash: Speed Force.”

5:01 Fan dressed as “New York Commuter Flash” asks Jim Lee about Wally West redesign, he says he likes it.

5:01 Nothing new on the FLash movie that can be said

5:02 GJ jokes: “No running. It’s a new take. And his costume will be blue.” “With a jacket.”

5:02 Weather Wizard Rogue Profile coming, then one more after that.

5:02 Fan: I love Jesse Quick’s Liberty Belle costume, but I can’t stand those “spanky pants” she’s wearing now.

5:05 Red Lantern Guy Garnder action figure coming

5:05 Secret Origin plans: GJ and Francis Manapul planning Flash, but any SOs after that up in the air

5:06 George Reeves Superman asks: Are we ever going to get an Aunt Harriet / Ma Kent Brave and the Bold? JMS says, “I was wondering what Gray Kryptonite would do…”

5:08 JMS: Wonder Woman alternate reality doesn’t touch other Wonder characters at all. Story is a straight run to find out what happened & why.

5:09 Grant Morrison Multiverse artists: Cam Stewart on Cap Marvel. Frank Quitely on Charlton characters.

5:09 Lots of applause for Batman Beyond

5:10 Can we ever hope for a second Batman Beyond movie? You can hope, sure…

5:11 Young Justice cartoon: why Artemis and not a Wonder Girl? Geoff: They had a story they wanted to tell, and it was not a Wonder Girl story, but they do have plans for WG and Arrowette.

5:12 JMS clarifies WW continuity question: The story focuses only on WW herself, which is why it won’t touch on Donna & Cassie. Geoff makes the point that Donna has had enough origins already, let’s not throw a truck at that.

5:13 Geoff Johns: You have no idea how many times Eddie Berganza said, “Use Resurrection Man” (in Blackest Night) but there just wasn’t time.

5:15 DD: Regular-length monthly books not jumping to $3.99 overall. Just a couple of them.

5:16 And we’re done!

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  1. Lia

    Cool, people have been clamouring for a Weather Wizard spotlight for 5 years. And the Speed Force book will hopefully make all Flash fans happy.

    Great job!


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