Superman, Wonder Woman and the Flash

Superman, Wonder Woman and the Flash, originally uploaded by Kelson.

I spotted this trio in the crowd on Saturday, but was too dazed to even try to ask for a photo (not that there would have been any room for them to pose). Luckily, I ran into them again in the lobby on Sunday.

I’m almost done uploading my Comic-Con photos to Flickr, though it’ll be a while before they’re all properly labeled.

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2 thoughts on “Superman, Wonder Woman and the Flash

  1. Lia

    Great photos! It’s nice that the SDCC convention centre is so well lit, unlike the Toronto cons. My pics rarely turn out well.

    Unrelated, but I wasn’t sure you’d heard about it: last week’s issue of Super Friends guest-stars Mopee. It was actually a very funny issue (the final one in the series, sadly), and I noticed a cameo of the Nerdy Bird in it :>

    1. Kelson Post author

      Thanks! Yeah, the lighting in San Diego is (mostly) pretty good, though it’s tough to get pictures in the panel rooms without a proffessional-grade camera. I remember looking at my photos from the first Wizard World I attended at the Los Angeles Convention Center and wondering what the heck was wrong – everything was dark, grainy, or both.


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