EVS Draws JLA #50: JLA vs. the Crime Syndicate

Over at The Source, DC has posted Flash: Rebirth artist Ethan Van Sciver’s cover for Justice League of America #50.

I assume it’s either a wraparound or a pair of 50/50 variant covers.

The Donna Troy vs. Superwoman and Supergirl vs. Ultra-Man battles dominate the image, but there’s also Power Ring vs. Jade, Batman vs. Owlman, and (way in the background) Jesse Quick vs. Johnny Quick.

Ever since James Robinson mentioned that the JLA would be going up against the Crime Syndicate, I’d wondered which version of the villainous team they’d be facing. The original version? The Crime Society on Earth-3? Between this and Syndicate Rules in the previous series, it looks like the Morrison/Quitely version from JLA: Earth-2 has been established as the primary version of the team, though they have gone back to the Kyle Rayner analog for Power Ring.

Update: Here’s a close-up (loosely speaking) of part of the Jesse Quick/Johnny Quick battle.


3 thoughts on “EVS Draws JLA #50: JLA vs. the Crime Syndicate

  1. Jason West

    The current League is actually pretty awesome. They have an analog for each of the Big Five plus Congorilla who is probably my favorite character on the team and Starman who is meh. Well at least Bill has someone to talk to. Technically Cyborg, Red Tornado and Dr Light are members too but it’s mainly just the 7. But yeah this cover just reinforces the awesomeness of this League. Although there is a blatant coloring error in Donna’s lasso (it’s supposed to be blue/silver). Other than that this is a beautiful piece that I shall hopefully enjoy in poster form. 🙂


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