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One thought on “Speed Reading

  1. Kyer

    I think you did link to those shoes, but it was nice taking a second link anyway (if only because it inspired me for a bit of fanfic writing.) Was disappointed in the actual product though…no Flash symbol at all? Now, I suppose that they didn’t get permission from DC as that would have meant paying big bucks to the publishing company, but surely Nike could have fudged a generic lightning bolt on it somewhere. Something subtle. As it is, to me it’s pretty much just another red and gold shoe.

    Nice to see a reviewer giving Wild Wests a thumbs up. I did enjoy that book. It was no Terminal Velocity, mind, but enjoyable enough and a sign that if they had just been allowed to keep going…. *sigh* Water under the bridge…or time under the Barry Speed Force. damn.

    Btw, some forum poster I ran across while on a Google search hinted that the 2013 Flash movie will feature not only Barry, but also Wally. Find this hard to believe. Strike that…find it impossible to believe just yet. Unless it’s a way-in-the-background shot of a young pre-Kid Flash Wally for up to three seconds on film. You know…something akin to how much page time the printed Wally has been getting.

    Oh, and that Homer as Flash thing is terrifying.


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