Speed Reading

Two weeks’ worth of linkblogging!


4 thoughts on “Speed Reading

    1. Kelson Post author

      Ah, thanks! I just did another search and it seems there were several more that I missed. I don’t know if I used bad search terms the first time or just missed them in all the comments about camera flashes.

  1. Kyer

    Hey, I remember reading that Flash #300 somewhere…some of it anyway. “The doctor tells him that he has created the entire fantasy life around his childhood comic book hero, and rips up one of Barry’s copies of Flash Comics. Barry (and any reader who knows what the book is WORTH) scream in agony, and the doctor leaves him alone with his thoughts.”
    Which should have been: KILL THE F* DOCTOR! Right there that pegged the doctor as a villain. I really did mentally scream at the criminal act perpetuated by that quack. Gads! Darn writers putting ideas in bullies heads. ;P


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