Sold Out Flash-Related Item To Be Offered Again On “Cyber Monday” and first picture of JLU Jay Garrick

For those of you that haven’t heard, Mattel is planning on re-releasing a number of sold out items that had been offered previously through their online collector store,, in an online sale, dubbed “Cyber Monday”.

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Of the items announced so far only one seems to feature anything related to The Flash. That would be The Justice Guild 4-Pack showcasing the Guild’s resident speedster, The Streak featured in the Justice League episode “Legends”. The Streak is packaged with three other members of the Guild;  Black Siren, Green Guardsman and Tom Turbine. The set was previously offered on Matty months ago and has been featured in a couple of articles here on Speed Force that you can check out here and here.

This is just one of the many items that Matty will be offering on Cyber Monday. For a complete list of everything that will be available to date click here.

Sale Starts: Monday November 29th at 9 AM PT
Sale Ends: Sunday, December 5th at 11:59 PM PT
Extra Savings Day: Monday November 29th ONLY save 10% off every order over $100 (excluding taxes and fees)

Overall I was pretty pleased with The Streak’s action figure and it will tide me over until Mattel releases an official JLU version of Jay Garrick (I know he wasn’t featured on JL or JLU but a figure has been rumored to be in production) speaking of which:

Justice League Unlimited Jay Garrick has been spotted on Ebay and he looks awesome. I’ll be counting the days until I get this figure. Unfortunately I still need to get Barry too.

Do any of you plan on picking up The Streak or any of the items being offered again through Cyber Monday? What do you think of Jay Garrick in JLU form?

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11 thoughts on “Sold Out Flash-Related Item To Be Offered Again On “Cyber Monday” and first picture of JLU Jay Garrick

  1. Lia

    Jay looks great! Unfortunately JLU is usually fairly difficult to get in Canada, so I probably won’t buy him. But if I saw him for a reasonable price I absolutely would.

    I’m not sure Matty Collector even ships to Canada, but the Justice Guild doesn’t interest me much.

  2. kyer

    Wow…Jay’s been really working out! ;P

    I dunno…the only JLU figure I have is of Batman. I’m kicking myself for not getting the set of Question/Flash/Wonderwoman when I had the chance, but needed the money for other things, plus…while Question looked damned good, Flash still looks awkward to me for some reason…plus am not a WW fan. At least I did manage to get an Eaglemoss Question which is very nice.

    Every time I see the Justice Guild it makes me sad. Honestly. I mean, they all DIED. It’s kind of depressing.

    Oh, for the love of Pete…another Batman/Superman DVD? To be followed by a Superman DVD in the works? Honestly, does DC Animated even KNOW that they own more characters than those two? (bonks head against keyboard.) Its not even so much that I’d love a Flash story (but I would!), but there are what…a gazillion characters owned by DC? How about Question and Huntress? God, would I love to see an animated JLE with Captain Atom and a certain cranky GL at the helm. C’mon, DC, give us a slice of your Universe!

    1. Kelson

      @Kyer, I’m not certain that can be blamed entirely on DC or WB. At WonderCon last(?) year, someone on the production team for the Wonder Woman animated film — possibly Bruce Timm — explained that DC had these surveys asking fans what characters or stories they wanted to see in the animated line. Superman and Batman always ended up at the top. He specifically asked us to, the next time any of us had the opportunity, vote for someone else because WB already knows that Superman or Batman will sell. A Batman film is never going to have trouble getting approved, but the suits need a little convincing with other characters.

      I figure this explains the disappearance of The Judas Contract.

          1. Kyer

            I suspect they hold them outside of Superman/Batman movie debuts and Superman and Batman fan sites. X(

            Didn’t Green Lantern and Wonder Woman sell well?
            Maybe if they do MORE JL type stories people will know enough about the other characters to not just instantly respond with the top two names that are advertised everywhere all the time in different media.

            This is why I’m so big into free fan generated media…it EXISTS. DC material other than S&B?…not so much.

  3. Touch of Grey

    While Jay -does- look good, I’m focusing on rounding out some of my non-Flash collections at the moment. Maybe sometime in the future, but the JLU Legion figures are gonna come first, for me (see what I did there?).

  4. Ken O

    Love the Jay. Good luck to anyone trying the Matty Collector site on Cyber Monday. They can barely handle the demand when they offer new He-Man figures, now they are selling stuff from a bunch of different lines. I don’t like being negative, but there are going to be a lot of ticked of toy buyers.

    Kyer, I believe I read somewhere that the Wonder Woman DVD was one of the worst selling DVDs they’ve done. Which is a shame because I thought it was the best one they’ve put out.

    1. Devin "The Flash" Johnson Post author

      Agreed on both counts. Hopefully they are working on a way to get things working smoothly on their site.

      As far as Wonder Woman goes, I have no particular love for the character but I enjoyed it more than just about any of their other releases besides Justice League: New Frontier and Crisis on Two Earths. It was leagues better than First Flight.


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