Teekl: Evil Magic Lolcat

From this week’s DC Universe Halloween Special 2010: Teen Titans Miss Martian and Blue Beetle encounter Klarion the Witch Boy and his familiar, Teekl, who have focused a bit too much on the “Trick” side of “Trick or Treat.” Written by Bryan Q. Miller, art by Trevor McCarthy.

Flash fans take note: The issue also has a Flash and Frankenstein story by Alex Segura and Kenneth Loh.


3 thoughts on “Teekl: Evil Magic Lolcat

    1. mbish

      Okay I have to agree. That story went no where and FAST! If sort of just felt like someone threw all the elements together at the last minute.
      And Iris’ comment at the end was just tasteless.

      I didn’t like the drawing either. It was too sketchy for my liking. You would think that that would suit speedster stories but I like it when people draw speedsters slick. With clean lines and nice flat colours.

      It’s not that I didn’t like the story. It’s just that there was not much of a story there to like. And what was there (while not being a story) was not good.


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