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Flash #45 Monster Variant by Gustavo Duarte

Flash #45 Monster Variant Cover by Gustavo Duarte

In the middle of SDCC, DC has announced their October variant cover theme. Once again, to coincide with Halloween it’s a monster theme. As usual, the covers are spread around several news sites including ComicVine, which has The Flash #45 by Gustavo Duarte.

Trick or treat?

Newsarama has collected a full gallery of all 25 covers. These things never seem to stay exclusive for long.

I like the “It Came From Krypton!” 50s-style B-movie poster for Action Comics. How about you? Which ones are your favorites?

High Speed Hauntings: 4 Ghost Stories Featuring the Flash

Flash Annual #11: Ghosts - Cover

Ghost stories seem a natural fit with some superheroes. Not so with the Flash. An origin based in science, scientifically trained alter-egos, villains who use technology. Even the “magician” villain, Abra Kadabra, is more of a techno-mage, using highly advanced future technology to carry out transformations that seem like magic to our experience. The closest the Flash mythos gets to the supernatural is the metaphysical nature of the speed force, and even that is described in terms of energy and the nature of space-time.

So it makes sense that for 1998’s “Ghosts” annuals, the Flash story would feature not a traditional ghost, but one tied to the speed force: Johnny Quick, who had vanished into the speed force two years earlier during Dead Heat.

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Wayback Wednesday: How To Make a Golden-Age Flash Costume

With Halloween approaching fast, now* seems like a good time to highlight a pair of old posts on how to make a Jay Garrick costume!

My wife and I (OK, it was mostly her) made this for Comic-Con International 2009, and it worked out really well. Unfortunately the gold paint on the helmet wings has tarnished since then, and the boot covers have detached themselves from the shoes, so it needs some touch-up if I plan to wear it again. Maybe next year.

*Yeah, I know last week or even earlier in October would have been a better time, but I only came up with this “Wayback Wednesday” idea acouple of days ago.

Halloween Flash

Today’s guest post comes from Dave Sun

I’m not much of a comic guy, i know the basics and that’s about it. For this halloween I wanted to make a costume that shows off a little bit of my muscles (much like how girls use halloween to be half naked). So I skipped the overplayed Superman, and the somewhat complicated Batman and landed on the Flash (Barry Allen).

With that said I like to share with you the pictures of my costume. it was made from scratch: shirt: adidas techfit; pants: eastbay athletic tights; gloves: eastbay athletic tights’ pant legs (left out the fingers for convenience); mask: combination of eastbay athletic tights’ thigh area and a masquerade mask and mighty putty; trim: foam sheets from michael’s; muscles: gym.

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Teekl: Evil Magic Lolcat

From this week’s DC Universe Halloween Special 2010: Teen Titans Miss Martian and Blue Beetle encounter Klarion the Witch Boy and his familiar, Teekl, who have focused a bit too much on the “Trick” side of “Trick or Treat.” Written by Bryan Q. Miller, art by Trevor McCarthy.

Flash fans take note: The issue also has a Flash and Frankenstein story by Alex Segura and Kenneth Loh.