Decompressing the Flash Schedule

With less than a week to The Flash #6, and four issues in a row scheduled only two weeks apart, DC has stretched the schedule a bit. Here’s where we’re at now:

Flash #6 on November 17 (two months after #5).
Flash #7 on December 8 (three weeks after #6).
Flash #8 on December 29 (three weeks after #7).
Flash #9 on January 26 (one month after #8).
Flash #10 on February 23 (one month after #9).

Could a normal monthly schedule be in the Flash’s future?


13 thoughts on “Decompressing the Flash Schedule

    1. kyer

      You mad, mad, crazy fool, you. Don’t you remember that this is Barry Allen’s turf from now on and Barry is ALWAYS LATE? It’s his trademark. DC is only following canon.


  1. Garnet

    Since the bottleneck seems to be Francis Manapul, I wouldn’t be surprised if the issues just come firing out after #6. I could be wrong, though …

  2. Mike W.

    I am curious… with all the schedule changes to The Flash title etc. are any other DC Books also suffering from schedule changes?

    1. Kelson Post author

      Yes, it’s pretty common these days. The Batman books have gotten reshuffled a lot lately, Time Masters: Vanishing Point #5 is a month late, and Superman had a fill-in issue in the middle of “Grounded.” That’s just off the top of my head for the last month or two.

    2. Kelson Post author

      I should add, it’s not just DC, either. Marvel has its share of delays, and smaller publishers are really at the mercy of outside circumstances. A lot of indie books aren’t even on a set monthly schedule, but a “when the next one’s finished” schedule. Couple this with long-form storytelling, and the series-of-miniseries and OGN approaches are awfully appealing.


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