(The) Flash Now Available on iPad

Yeah, I know the joke’s been done to death, but you can now get the first issue of The Flash: Rebirth through ComiXology and view (the) Flash on the iPad.

As I understand it, the way DC has approached its digital comics is to start a series at a certain point, then release a new issue each month, keeping the back catalog available.

Curiously, it’s listed as issue #1 of 5 (the series was extended to six issues early on), suggesting that DC is simply reusing the original solicitation text. That’s just fine in most cases, but things do change occasionally.

(Spotted by 3 Million Years.)


One thought on “(The) Flash Now Available on iPad

  1. Owen

    Issue 3 is out on the iPad now – I read it yesterday – and they work really well in this format. They seem to be coming out once a week which makes me hope that we are going to race through until iPad readers catch up with people in the stores and we can all wait a month between issues.

    I should also add that I seem to be exactly the person that Rebirth was written for. I find it brings me up to date on the characters without feeling like exposition, and, as an older reader, I am happy Barry Allen is back AND glad that the other speedsters are still a very integral part of the story.

    As for retrofitting a parental-crime-mystery into the mythos, so far I can live with it. And so far I am completely uncertain about what its status will finally turn out to be. So I am treating it as part of the overall mystery about why Barry is back and what is happening with the speed force and so on.



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