Coco riffs on Captain Boomerang and others at WB Animation Studios

Last night on Conan, he visited Warner Bros Animation Studios to procure a superhero design of himself.  Along the way he met up with the Creative Director of Animation at the studio, Peter Girardi. Coco discussed multiple topics with him but the funniest part of the segment and most relevant was where he riffs on a number of heroes and villains from the DC Encyclopedia.

Conan and his crew had gone through the book prior to the the show and blew up a number of pictures of what he felt were lame characters from it. Amongst them our very own Captain Boomerang:

This part of the segment went kind of like this:

Coco as he pulls out a picture of Boomerang: Ok, let’s talk.
Peter Girardi: Captain Boomerang!
Coco: You know this one, you are familiar with Captain Boomerang?
Peter Girardi: Yes, I’m familiar with him.
Coco: This is a guy with a perm wearing a mini-skirt, a flight cap from, I think TWA. A stewardesses hat. Uh oh, Superman is losing control lets get Captain Boomerang to throw some wood at him. It might come back or not depending on wind conditions. You know he’s got his weaknesses too. Superman has his kryptonite, and Captain Boomerang? Any enclosed space. There is no room to throw a boomerang.
He then went on to make fun of Bat Lash, Ultra, The Multi-Alien, and Space Ranger. Great stuff.  For fans of Bruce Timm and his work, Conan also visits the fan favorite and Timm designs Conan his very own super hero.

You can see the segment HERE.

Thanks for reading and Have a Flashy Friday. Oh that reminds me, check out Ken O’s latest Flash Friday article highlighting an awesome Flash beanie and some Flash Tron Artwork!

Devin “The Flash” Johnson


5 thoughts on “Coco riffs on Captain Boomerang and others at WB Animation Studios

  1. Jesse

    That was hilarious!

    I also like how they label Bruce Timm as just “animator”, and not something like the creative genius behind 20 shows.

    btw, Speaking of Flash Tron, there’s a speedster villian in this issue of Batgirl that looks like he’s from Tron.

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