Green Lantern/Flashpoint for Free Comic Book Day

Well, that was fast. Just yesterday I pondered the likelihood of DC releasing a Flashpoint prelude for Free Comic Book Day, and today they announced a Green Lantern/Flashpoint special for the event.

This is the perfect jumping-on point for new readers who can’t wait to see the “Green Lantern” major motion picture from Warner Bros.! Discover how and why Hal received the power ring that changed his life forever with this reprinting of GREEN LANTERN #30, a pivotal chapter of the Green Lantern: Secret Origin graphic novel. No comic fan can afford to miss this exclusive first sneak peek of FLASHPOINT, DC’s blockbuster event of 2011, by the all-star team of Geoff Johns and Andy Kubert.

So instead of a lead-in, we’re getting a preview, and it’s playing backup to a Green Lantern movie tie-in.

Free Comic Book Day is held the first Saturday of May.


9 thoughts on “Green Lantern/Flashpoint for Free Comic Book Day

  1. CraigMacD

    This is actually a pretty smart move. Some of the message boards I’ve been on people have been saying that they have no interest in Flashpoint, some because they’re not enjoying the Flash title itself and some because they’re not interested in the alternate universe mini-series that might spring from it. Putting a Flashpoint sneak peek in a free Green Lantern comic might help change some minds.

    1. Kelson Post author

      Wait…people are declaring that they won’t read a story based on a rumor of tie-ins that might exist?

      Isn’t that sort of like declaring that you won’t see a movie because of its rumored toy line?

      1. Imitorar

        Welcome to comic fandom. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more apocalyptic bunch, except those “repent, for the end is nigh!” people in subway stations. It takes a very morbid, fannish mind to automatically assume the worst despite any certifiable evidence.

        I’m a bit mixed on the issue itself. I have issues with getting to a comic shop on Free Comic Book Day, so I was worrying about what I’d do if this was important for Flashpoint. I’m glad to see it’s just a Green Lantern issue that I don’t mind missing and a preview. But I’m upset that that’s all Flashpoint gets. I see the brilliance of pairing Flashpoint with Green Lantern (and a Green Lantern book advertised as a jumping on point a month before the movie) but I hoped Flashpoint would get a real part of the story told.

        Then again, I wouldn’t be shocked if this preview actually was part of the story. I mean, releasing a preview three weeks before the actual book? Where’s the sense in that? A short, exclusive but not crucial lead-in that introduces the story for new readers and tanatalizes old ones would be perfect. I’m hoping it’s that despite the use of the term “preview”.

  2. Droxus

    Did you see Larfreeze Christmas Special?

    There are a lot of reference to Wally West along the Story.

    I didn’t know where to write whis, I expect youĺl find it usefull or interesting.


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