Recent Acquisitions Volume 6: In Gold We Trust *Image Intensive*

Alright folks as promised (albeit a bit late), another edition of Recent Acquisitions. Two days ago I received a package from Sci-Fi Genre; the DC Universe Origins Flash Two Pack from DC Direct. Celebrating 75 years of DC Comics, the packs feature one figure representing the classic version of the character and the other being the most current version of the character. This is from the second wave, the first featuring exclusively Batman characters. I believe that all of the figures in the wave are repaints. I know for a fact that Jay Garrick is a repaint of the First Appearances Flash action figure and that Barry is a repaint of Wally West from the Justice League of America Series 3 action figure set. Normally I would scoff at a repaint, I still haven’t picked up JLA Classified Classics Flash or Identity Crisis Classics Flash and don’t plan to anytime soon, but the new paint applications on these figures are a vast improvement over the originals.

Pictures of this set and much more after the break.

DC Universe Origins: The Flash Two Pack:

The set came packed with two DC75 stands:

Jay Garrick, The Golden Age Flash:

Close up with his famous helmet. I absolutely am in love with the colors and the black and silver on the belt is perfect:

Now I will admit that the First Appearances version is completely comic accurate, so I can’t really begrudge it too much, but just look at how much sleeker Jay looks in the darker colors. They even gave his skin a different wash which again makes the figure really pop:

Now for the current star of the Flash comic book, Barry Allen:

Barry is a repaint of this Wally action figure. Personally I think the face and body definitely look like they suit Barry more:

A close up of both. I was on the fence about picking up this set for a long time but needless to say there are no regrets:

The back of the package:

The card included has two different sides. One is the cover of The Flash #1 from last June and the other a close up of Jay from the first issue of Flash Comics from 1940:

Next we have another gold repaint, DC Universe Classics All-Star Barry Allen. The All-Star line was a series of repaints released exclusively through Toys R Us:

A closer look at All-Star Barry. Have I mentioned yet how much I love the gold and darker colors:

Again the gold just looks great to me. When I got my DC Universe Classics standard Barry I was kind of disappointed. Don’t get me wrong, the figure itself is awesome but the colors don’t don’t do it for me on this particular figure. The repaint may have made it one of my Top 10 favorites, which I will be posting soon enough:

And some bonuses for being late and to further prove my point that scarlet and gold are pure win on a Flash action figure:

The first figure was a part of the Total Justice line of action figures released by Kenner back in 1996. The second is a repaint of the first released by Hasbro in 1998 to coincide with the relaunch of the JLA comic book series:

These guys are from the Justice League Unlimited line of action figures. Many, many variations of The Flash have been released throughout the years so the first Flash could have honestly come from a variety of different sources. The second one is from the Justice League Javelin 7 playset:

To continue the gold theme I thought I would also post pics of a black and gold hat New Era Fitted that I recently received from

And one more to match my black and gold Flash hat, a black and gold Flash shirt:

And that concludes another Recent Acquisitions. Just a reminder, I am now on Tumblr at There I post pictures of my Flash collection and random Flash art every day. You can currently get updates through Tumblr or through my Twitter, @FlashJohnson. I’m also on Facebook as DCFlash.

I’m going to ask one more time, what do you prefer? Yellow or gold?

Thanks for reading and keep it Flashy!

-Devin “Flash” Johnson


3 thoughts on “Recent Acquisitions Volume 6: In Gold We Trust *Image Intensive*

  1. Ken O

    I prefer yellow. Especially on Barry and Jay. On Wally I’m a little more accepting of gold.

    I like the shirt. I have one like that except for the gold is glow in the dark white.

  2. Kelson

    I’m not big on the shiny look for Barry, but that Jay Garrick repaint is really nice!

    In general I like the red/yellow combo for Barry & the darker/shinier red/gold combo for Wally. That’s one aspect of Wally’s new suit that I think they got absolutely correct (though I do think they should’ve gone a little further to make the two costumes easier to tell apart at a glance, but that’s another topic).

  3. Kyer

    Oh thanks! I got my Origins pair awhile back, but have not yet been able to bring myself to remove them from the box. (Darn pretty packaging.)

    Where I do like gold, I find it rather disappears against the red. In your pic, I thought he’d forgotten to put his belt on until I upped my monitor light.

    On the other hand, the bright yellow looks too…bright. Wish they’d find a mix that falls somewhere in-between gold and daffodil. The red is just stunning though. I can’t wait until they do a Bart and Wally version. Maybe if Speed Force does well?

    Jay looks fantastic. Even though it’s weird seeing him so young as my other Jay is from the JSA series of four figures? Very cool and I hope one day to get the Alan Scott one to go with it. Either one.

    Did you order the Barry Allen (running with just a stand) statue coming out in June? I went to double check the date on my order and found out it was totally sold out even at the obscure place I went to…so glad I pre-ordered it. If it arrives damaged I will scream.


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