Flashpoint Quick Hits: Rings & One-Shots

Two items on Flashpoint from the last few days:

First, DC has announced Flashpoint edition Flash rings will ship with Flashpoint #2. DC previously shipped Flash rings with Flash #1 last year (pictured), and released a whole series of multi-colored lantern rings with Blackest Night tie-ins.

Second, Bleeding Cool has what appears to be a preliminary list of Flashpoint one-shots, and suggests that DC may be announcing the final list within the next week.


One thought on “Flashpoint Quick Hits: Rings & One-Shots

  1. Lex

    We might get confirmation on some of the one-shots with the release of the May solicits on Monday. My guess is that the three issue minis will be from June-August and the one-shots will be in May and September.


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