Preview the Superboy/Kid Flash Race

DC has released a preview of next week’s Superboy #5, featuring a race between the Boy of Steel and Kid Flash. And check out that variant cover by Francis Manapul!

Get ready for the first-ever Superboy/Kid Flash race! Bart Allen may have the speed, but Conner Kent has the power – who will win?! Meanwhile, a dangerous threat is nipping at their heels, one that may mean the end for Superboy, Kid Flash and all of Smallville!

Written by JEFF LEMIRE; Art by PIER GALLO; Cover by EDDY BARROWS & J.P. MAYER; 1:10 Variant cover by FRANCIS MANAPUL

Manapul has a double connection to this book: Before taking over as the regular artist on The Flash, he also teamed with Geoff Johns for a short run on Adventure Comics starring Superboy.

You can read the preview at The Source or at Comic Book Resources.


6 thoughts on “Preview the Superboy/Kid Flash Race

  1. kyer

    Given the question and the cover…I’d put my money on Krypto for winning that foot race seeing as he’s got four of them.

  2. mbish

    My rage at Bart’s bright orange hair is intense!
    There are so many things about this preview that are annoying me and I know the only reason I’m going to get this comic is because Bart’s in it.

  3. cm22

    If they’re going to actually make this look competitive (before the obvious villain they have to team up to fight against or whatever) they’ll be giving Connor a pretty significant speed boost. Back in Superboy & The Ravers they did Superboy vs. Impulse and Bart blatantly outsped him, to the point where they had to use one of the raver’s flying motorcycles or something. But oh well.

    And @mbish, the hair thing used to bother me too, they’ve been pretty regularly lightening it or coloring it orange since the beginning of Geoff Johns’ Teen Titans run. It still bugs me a bit, but now I just get a kick out of when people color it (what I feel is correctly) dark brown, and hope that they stories they tell with the character are good.

    1. mbish

      Yes I’ve noticed that. It seems as soon as he became Kid Flash people started mistaking him for Wally. That’s one of the big reasons the mistake in the colouring bothers me. It seems to me a lot of people want to turn Bart into Wally. It makes little sense to me because Bart is a fantastic chracter in his own right and is NOTHING like Wally. Just because he became Kid Flash doesn’t mean that anything else is similar.
      The mistakes in colouring of this eyes and hair also have the effect of removing the visual symbols of his heratige. The Brown hair is a link to his mother and the golden eyes show his link to the Speed Force. It’s really important to have these visual symbols there

      Also it’s just a stupid mistake. Like calling Beast Boy ‘Garth’ not ‘Gar’. Somethign the colourst could have easily gotten right but didn’t bother to do the reaserch on. That the colourist was that lazy bothers me. It’s his job to get it right so he should get it right.

      I’m glad to find other peopel it bothers. I know it’s a small thing and sometime complaining about it can make me feel like I’m nitpicking. But it’s a really important thing to get right in my mind.

  4. Perplexio

    I ended up picking up Adventure Comics #3 during Manapul’s run as the artist (at least I think it was #3… it was the one with the Red Robin guest spot).

    Speaking of Red Robin, I liked that Tim Drake paid a little visit to Digger before he escaped his captivity in Red Robin. I’m hoping to see a bit more Capt. Boomerang/Red Robin rivalry/action going on in the future. Capt. Boomerang is unique in that he’s ended up being not just a Flash rogue but is now also a Red Robin rogue so he has ties to both the Flash and Batman families.

    I wouldn’t mind seeing Manapul guest on an issue or two of Red Robin. I enjoy his work quite a bit.


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