Contest: “Where Was Wally West?”

It is convention season, and Flash fans across the country have been asking the same question: “Where is Wally West?” 

While we do not know where Wally is now, where he will be, or how long it will be until he is anywhere, we certainly know where he was!  With that knowledge, we introduce our new ongoing contest feature, “Where Was Wally West?” 

UPDATE:  This week’s contest is closed as of 9 AM EST Saturday.  Thanks to everyone who entered an answer!  The raffle winner will be announced with the next contest on Wednesday.

On Wednesdays, we will post a panel or sequence from a classic comic featuring Wally West visiting an alternate reality, the past or a “possible future”.  Every fan who can tell us the issue, writer, artist(s) and a reasonable description of the locale/era, by Friday, will be entered into a raffle for a cool Flash prize!  Just send your responses to this email address, and we’ll announce the winner when we post the next contest! 

So check out the image below and ask yourself, WWWW?

This week’s prize is a copy of the original version of Flash: Iron Heights by Geoff Johns and Ethan Van Sciver!


4 thoughts on “Contest: “Where Was Wally West?”

  1. Kyer

    You know, somehow ‘written by Geoff Johns’ just doesn’t excitement me right now. Other than to a sense of rage, that is. -_-;;

      1. Kyer

        Not to me. In all honesty, I disliked Iron Heights. Much prefer stories about Wally and his friends rather than ones that centered on Rogues mayhem (which is why I prefer M/L & Waid to Geoff anyway.) The only stories of Geoff’s I truly loved were the Blitz and connected arcs because of the tragedy of Hunter who had been such a friend before it all went sour. (Also because I truly love Batman/Wally interaction….which makes me sigh that Flashpoint will be Batman/BARRY.

        At any rate, if you love that book, I’d try Wally World for the answer to the quiz. The one where Wally gets lost in the speed force and (yeah, I know…our boy needs a GPS with SF software)…and encounters a world where he’s the cat’s meow. God I love that one. Try to not read it more than once a year so as to keep it fresh, but probably the source of that wall mural given the art.


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