Flashpoint Rogues by Scott Kolins

DC has been posting questions and answers from the writers of the various Flashpoint tie-ins today, including this piece of art depicting Mirror Master, Fallout(?), Tar Pit, Trickster (Axel Walker), Weather Wizard, and Pied Piper.

It seems appropriate that someone would have a goatee.

Kolins says of his miniseries:

There’s bunch of stuff in my CITIZEN COLD 3-parter that’s has never been done for [Captain] Cold or the Rogues. Can you imagine Cold being the hero of Central City? What kind of hero would he be? Plus there’s the whole Iris angle – that’s new and soooo much fun.

Click through to the article for more Q&A and a larger image. And don’t miss the first article in the series, either. Update: Part three is up. They’ve got quite a bit of unfinished art and logo designs on the these articles.


11 thoughts on “Flashpoint Rogues by Scott Kolins

  1. Perplexio

    I’m wondering– if Flashpoint is successful enough– might DC keep a line of comics going in “The Flashpoint universe” after the whole event is over?

    If done right this would allow DC to have both Wally and Barry as The Flash without either of them stealing the other’s thunder. One of them would remain The Flash of the DC Universe and the other would become the Flash of the Flashpoint universe.

  2. Javi Trujillo

    Yeah, I like that SOMEONE has a goatee in the mirror universe! I’m assuming that’s an homage, but either way is cool

    1. Penny Dreadful

      And wait…maybe this AU Piper is working undercover here? Just a thought. Anything to get Countdown/the Guggenheim Flash fiasco out of my mind.

      1. Kelson Post author

        Actually, I think the one good thing that Countdown did in that whole situation was provide a reason for Piper & Trickster to have been in that group in the first place.

        1. Penny Dreadful

          With them working undercover, you mean? I guess so. But beyond that, they made Trickster a buffoon and turned Piper into the butt of gay jokes.

          Johns established Piper as a good guy in Rogues’ Revenge. I really hope they’re not turning him into a villain again. It would be a waste, and he’s so much more interesting as a reformed villain.

          But I’m keeping my fingers crossed…maybe things aren’t as they seemed.

  3. Kyer


    The first (and really only) thing that came to mind about a ‘mysterious masked character that will have the fans talking’ is that it’s a de-powered Wally. Well, he IS Iris West’s nephew and he does (did?) adore her so wouldn’t he be checking out this guy who was bothering his favorite aunt? That is…if he isn’t actually made non-existent in the whole storyline so that…you know…he doesn’t actually bump elbows with Barry in any way whatsoever.

    The really disturbing thing to me is I find I don’t care either way. I’ve never liked it when powered heroes lose their powers either in regular stories or in Elseworld (Act of God *shudder*) so maybe that’s why I can’t work up any enthusiasm here to the thought it *might* be Wally.

    Dang. Piper (and Bart) were the only two known characters that interested me at all. Again, not thrilled about an criminal Piper. I liked him as a reformed villain much better.

    Looks like the only book I’ll be keeping a closer eye on is the Kid Flash story between Bart and BarryII(because according to DC there can never be enough Barry even if there is 0 Wally. I mean Hot Pursuit. 9.9

    Wow, this must be the most bitter post I’ve ever done on an Easter morning and that includes when I was nearly unemployed through happenstance.


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