Contest: Where Was Wally West? — Week Three

It is convention season, and Flash fans across the country have been asking the same question: “Where is Wally West?”

While we do not know where Wally is now, where he will be, or how long it will be until he is anywhere, we certainly know where he was! With that knowledge, we introduce our new ongoing contest feature, “Where Was Wally West?”

On Wednesdays, we will post a panel or sequence from a classic comic featuring Wally West visiting an alternate reality, the past or a “possible future”. Every fan who can tell us the issue, writer, artist(s) and a reasonable description of the locale/era, by Friday, will be entered into a raffle for a cool Flash prize! Just send your responses to whereswally – at –, and we’ll announce the winner next week!

So check out the image to the right and ask yourself, WWWW?

This week’s prize is the Flash Final Crisis poster by JG Jones. Winners must live in the continental US or Canada.


One thought on “Contest: Where Was Wally West? — Week Three

  1. kyer

    Oh, I loved that story beach boys arc and that particular scene was pretty cool as when I first read it I was like…What is Godzilla doing over there when he should be terrorizing Tokyo? lol Of course that arc was just the lead in to one of my top five favorite Wally arcs.

    Good times!

    (Yeah, I know…but I can’t win any prizes. Would open up a bad kettle of worms with family.)


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