WWWW: Contest Winner, Week One

Thanks to everyone who participated in the first “Where Was Wally West?” contest here at Speed Force! 

We posted a panel from a classic Flash comic, featuring Wally West in an alternate reality, the past or a “possible future”.  Correct answers were put into a raffle, and a winner was drawn at random.  To refresh your memory, here was this week’s subject:

Now, cast your eyes upon the mysterious Box of Speed, as we reveal this week’s champion and winner of an original copy of Flash: Iron Heights…

…and the winner is…

Congrats to Binyamin!  This week’s answer was Flash, vol.2, #113: “Wallyworld,” panel by Oscar Jimenez, story by Mark Waid.  In that story, Wally travels to the 64th Century, where his previous victories have led to a society sculpted in his image…for better or worse. 

Check back here on Wednesday for the next installment in WWWW!


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