Sterling Gates Talks Kid Flash Lost at CBR

Just a quick note for those who haven’t seen it: CBR interviews Sterling Gates about Flashpoint: Kid Flash Lost. In addition to the current book, he talks about his connection to Bart Allen, how that grew out of a connection to Wally West, and the fact that he’s pitched a Kid Flash series to DC three times since 2007.


4 thoughts on “Sterling Gates Talks Kid Flash Lost at CBR

  1. Dylan

    Troubling, yes. Surprising, not in the least – seeing as there’s been no mention of what will be done with Wally, Jay, Jesse, John, and Max.

  2. Kyer

    I’m a little disappointed in the mini–for personal reasons!–and very disheartened by the implications of that interview.

    First off, I’d better say right now that I LOVE Bart, the dialogue is spot on and the artwork is fantastic and I eagerly await seeing Max. My only disappointments on the series is that I have even less interest in this new version of Hot Pursuit than I did with the original one….plus, I was vainly hoping that if Wally was going to turn up anywhere, it would be the alternate Wally of Barry’s Hot Pursuit and not….the spoiler character. *mega sigh that she is pretty sure is not shared by a lot of others.* Much as I love Kollins work, would really, really, REALLY have preferred Wally went out as a speedster in some capacity.

    The other dismaying side is that it read like he thinks his ‘love letter’ is more of a goodbye one. DC has stuck Bart in what looks to me like a godawful version of Teen Titans. (Those covers totally turned me off.) Would to god that Sterling had Bart and that Bart somehow continued to keep his old memories and all.

    Mostly, right now I’m upset in that it seems that DC only okayed this mini and the Retro-Active books as a way to say ‘sorry, we aren’t changing our minds, but take these last issues as a consolation price for your years of past devotion and…hey, don’t forget to buy Barry Allen!



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