Preview: Flashpoint: Legion of Doom #2

DC has released a 4-page preview of next week’s Flashpoint: Legion of Doom #2, along with more detailed teaser text:

When Cyborg locked Mick Rory away in the Hall of Doom for murdering Firestorm, little did he know the risk that comes from being the target of Heatwave’s vengeance. With help from Eel, a.k.a Plastic Man, Heatwave generates an escape plan. But in order to be successful and gain back the weapons that fuel him, he must get past Atomic Skull and the Meta Gang, Animal Man, and Atom to name a few. And when his monstrous plan for revenge is ultimately revealed, Cyborg will have to worry about saving much more than just himself.

Written by Adam Glass and with art by Rodney Buchemi, Jose Marzan Jr. and Artur Fujita, FLASHPOINT: LEGION OF DOOM #2 blazes into stores next week.


One thought on “Preview: Flashpoint: Legion of Doom #2

  1. Kyer

    This is one of the reasons I’m avoiding Flashpoint like the plague: Wally de-powered and likely dead; a beloved hero like Plaz as a horrific villain. What a wonderful sendoff to the universe I once knew and admired for its heroic characters: like being stabbed in the eye moments before the funeral begins.

    I’d rather not have even seen that cover, thanks much.


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