Flash 101 – Get Up to Speed

Along with the Flash 101 sale mentioned yesterday, DC and ComiXology have released a free Flash 101 digital booklet featuring origins, a rough timeline, and a collection of covers.

The timeline’s the most interesting part, to me.

It’s also got the two-page origins of Gorilla Grodd, the Trickster and the Pied Piper from Countdown to Infinite Crisis, and a similarly-styled two-page origin of Barry Allen by Scott Beatty, Howard Porter and Livesay that I think is new. None of the Flashes got profiled in 52, which was where the hero origins appeared, and the second page features the post-Rebirth costumes for Wally West, Iris West and Jesse Quick, as well as the Countdown-era costume for Jai West.


10 thoughts on “Flash 101 – Get Up to Speed

  1. Kyer

    Well, thank goodness they allotted a page for the costumes that were (by and large) never seen again outside of fan art websites.

  2. Kyer

    BTW, why am I preselected to adopt something called “comment luv below all the lovely HTML tag and attributes info below this reply window? Just what have I signed for here because normally I despise the term ‘luv’. Is this something from Facepalm or Twits? 😉

    1. Kelson Post author

      Don’t worry, you’res not signing up for anything. It’s a feature that, if you enter a blog address for your URL, will automatically insert a link to your latest post at the end of the comment. It’s a way of helping out commenters who are also bloggers by showcasing their recent work.

      All that said, you’re right that it shouldn’t be checked by default. I recently reset all the options for the plugin, and forgot that I needed to change that one.

  3. collectededitions

    Thought there might be some disappointment that the sale only include the Geoff Johns Wally West adventures up to Flash #200. In my humble opinion, the story that followed just after #200, Ignition, was among the best of the bunch.

  4. Lia

    I see the intro includes a few Top covers, but neglects to include his first appearance in the sale and doesn’t put him with the Rogues in the Origin of Barry Allen! Tut tut!

  5. Lee H

    I did get a kick out of three “Flash running from swirly thing” covers in a row!

    The timeline has quite a few errors, like saying that Wally returned after Final Crisis, Jay Garrick debuted in All-Flash #1 and Impulse in Impulse #1 etc. Most interesting was saying that Wally West spent time in THE FUTURE after Infinite Crisis. First an alternate Earth, then planet Savoth, and now the future? Nobody will ever be able to make head nor tail of that part of Flash history will they?


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