Speed Reading – New 52 Edition

I missed last week’s link round-up, so this one’s going to be extra long. Fortunately, those of you in the US have an extra day to read them all!

Flash Art

More Flash

The New 52



3 thoughts on “Speed Reading – New 52 Edition

  1. Kyer

    That old Flash cover could not be more appropriate for how I feel.
    Yesterday I got to go to the used book store (begged like a street person, really) and once the coast was clear zipped over to their large comic book/trades section.

    The only book/issue with Flash in it was an old one of Barry.

    Now the time before this (back in November?) there was an old Flash issue of Barry too along with Flash #1 Barry and some issues of Rebirth. I eagerly grabbed the old Barry along with some other Justice League books.

    This time I didn’t take anything home. Totally no interest…and, yeah, that saddened me too…I’ve lost the interest I had in Barry..ANY Barry of any timeline. He might as well be Wonder Woman (who I’ve never glanced twice at.)

    It’s worse.

    I recently purchased over 20 issues of old DC issues and was enjoying the 1990 and 1998 Flash 80-page Giants…when I realized that I was skipping over the Barry sections of them. Read through the Max, Bart, Jessie ones just fine (even though I’m not all that keen on Jessie) but once my eyes hit Barry I flipped through the pages until another story started.

    This is not me gloating or snarling or something like that. I’m as saddened by this realization as anyone: I now dislike Barry or at least don’t care; associate him with Wally’s death even though the upper part of my brain fully realizes that it’s not the character’s fault but DC Editorial’s and maybe Warner Bros.

    Hopefully my subconscious gets over it soon and I’ll go back and read those story parts and maybe regret not getting that Barry issue.

  2. Martin Gray

    Good gosh, so many intriguing links and I’m meant to be getting to sleep. I do like Brett Booth’s Wally, and the fact that he’s actively campaigning to use our guy.

    And I must check out the reactions to the new logos. OK, they may well look better in context, but at first sight many look awfully cheap and insubstantial.


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