First Look at LA’s Comikaze Expo (2011)

Spy vs SpyMy photos are up from Comikaze Expo, a show that just launched in Los Angeles this weekend. It was a bigger show than I expected, though more of a general geek pop culture con than a “comic con.” They kept talking about how it was a first for Los Angeles, but it reminded me a lot of a Wizard convention, just bigger.

For the record, I spotted only two speedster costumes all day: Sonic the Hedgehog and a woman in the off-the-shelf Flash Halloween costume.

Anyway, photos now, more detailed write-up soon. Also, the friend I went with took more photos than I did, if you’re interested in checking them out.

Update: My full write-up of the con is up at K-Squared Ramblings!

The Crowd


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