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First Look at LA’s Comikaze Expo (2011)

Spy vs SpyMy photos are up from Comikaze Expo, a show that just launched in Los Angeles this weekend. It was a bigger show than I expected, though more of a general geek pop culture con than a “comic con.” They kept talking about how it was a first for Los Angeles, but it reminded me a lot of a Wizard convention, just bigger.

For the record, I spotted only two speedster costumes all day: Sonic the Hedgehog and a woman in the off-the-shelf Flash Halloween costume.

Anyway, photos now, more detailed write-up soon. Also, the friend I went with took more photos than I did, if you’re interested in checking them out.

Update: My full write-up of the con is up at K-Squared Ramblings!

The Crowd

Comic-Con 2011 Photos are Up!

Captain Cold and The Flash

I’m back from a day at Comic-Con International, and I’ve posted my photos from Friday up at Flickr. This one here is of the two costumed con-goers who came to the Flash photo shoot originally planned for yesterday at 11:00, but now rescheduled for Saturday at 4:00 PM.

I’ll be posting some of the “Flashier” pics here, including a round-up of the action figures on display at the DC Comics booth. My con report, as usual, will go up at K-Squared Ramblings once I’ve had time to write it. Update: Here it is!

More Flash (and Other Stuff) at WonderCon: Saturday DC Editorial

I attended the DC Editorial presentation at WonderCon today. I don’t have nearly as detailed a report as Newsarama’s, but I posted a few items to Twitter over the course of the hour and a half Q&A session:

  • JT Krul: There’s not a lot of bright colors in [Rise of Arsenal]. Brian Hitch(?): Well, there’s red…
  • Geoff Johns: No “Teen Lantern.”
  • On Superboy Prime returning: “He’ll eventually be back. He’s like a cockroach.”
  • Spoiler Lad is at the mike right now…
  • Why aren’t Rip & Booster dealing w/ Zoom & Batman? GJ: They will.
  • How soon will we see Captain Cold & Mirror Master in the new Flash series? GJ: In issue 1. And 2, and 3, and 4….
  • The Geoff Johns/Scott Kolins Wally West stories that were going to be backups: We’ll probably see them eventually.
  • Jim Lee: It’s a lot harder to get digital comics signed at cons…
  • Fan asks about bringing Mortal Kombat chars into DCU. No plans. Geoff Johns adds: Captain Cold would kill Sub-Zero so fast…

I have a few photos as well, including both the Batman of Zur-En-Arrh and Jim Lee coming up to the microphone to ask questions.

Update: CBR’s write-up is online now.

Update 2: I’ve posted my write-up on the whole convention.

WonderCon Saturday Photos Are Up!

Batman of Zurr-enn-Arrh, originally uploaded by Kelson.

I did in fact make it to WonderCon on Saturday, and I’ve posted my photos to Flickr. (No, that’s not me! The Batman of Zur-En-Arrh was just happy that he got his question answered at the DC Editorial panel.)

Last night the hotel wifi was horribly slow. Today it’s much faster. Probably because a lot of people are either just leaving the con or at dinner right now.

Update: My con report is online!