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The Collected Editions blog is focusing on Flashpoint this week with reviews of two Flashpoint collections from the perspective of a trade-waiter. For those of us who read new comics on a month-to-month basis, it’s worth stepping back and considering how differently these read when you read a series in the form of one or two collections a year.


4 thoughts on “Flashpoint Week at Collected Editions

  1. Kyer

    Nice articles, but nothing will ever convince me that those two weren’t the worst story arcs ever. So, I’m a bit biased. Sue me.

  2. lightspeed

    Flashpoint had the potential to be a great story but to me it was ok. Wasn’t dreadful but it wasn’t brilliant either.

  3. Collected Editions

    Thanks for the links; much obliged. I’m amazed how polarizing Flashpoint has turned out to be. Of course, it’s nigh impossible at this point to consider Flashpoint in a bubble; so many opinions of it are (rightly so) all tied in with the DC New 52 controversy, and what readers might have expected Flashpoint to be in light of the reboot. Of course, that’s not to dismiss legitimate opinions about Flashpoint itself; as many people seem to think Johns used just enough detail about an “Elseworlds” reality as they do that the book was entirely lacking in substance. The conversation is almost more engaging than the book.

    Glad to hear you’ve been liking the post-relaunch Flash series better. After what I thought was a disappointing Road to Flashpoint, I’m glad to hear the series is back on track.

  4. Esteban Pedreros

    I thought that Flashpoint was very Bad.

    I don’t care much about it not working as a bridge between the old universe and the new one, what bothered me is that it didn’t work as a story or an elseworlds. Most of the good elseworlds introduce a change in continuity, location, or whatever, and they try to show you how different the world came to be for good or bad. Flashpoint introduced changes that had no link with the main change in the story (Flash didn’t exist), and had no link among themselves… the story evolved without purpose and/or substance. It was probably one of the worst events DC ever produced.


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