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  1. Kyer

    Well, I suppose if you have less roads and less means to get anywhere then you will have less traffic. *eye twitch* Nice thought unless there is an emergency where you need to get from A to B as quickly as possible, but there is no road that goes there without many a detour around obstructions. Try feeling good about that while riding in an firetruck leading an ambulance to the Emergency Room because mom is having a seizure.

    Waldens, Daltons, and Pickwicks bookstores at the open-air malls. The teensy library down the street that was smaller than our low-income home. Not a whole lot of options back then. Of course, not a whole lot of expendable cash either: too many boys in the neighborhood had the ‘mow yer lawn, mister?’ business sewn up for miles around.

    I swear I am going to enshrine that Our Valued Customers… site. Also, that kid could well have been me the last time I was in a science fiction store (many decades ago) and practically had to be shoved out of “but I’m not done loooookkkinnnnggg!” “Heaven” by parents.

    No wonder they hate fantasy in all its forms.

    JLA #59. Poor Superman. Always having to prove himself the Second Fastest. My heart bleeds. 😛

    Okay, now those symbols on Kid Flash’s thighs? Those are what I’d like to see on Superman on with Kryptonian symbols and more subtle. (Because Kal is a subtle kind of guy, ya know?)

    So Barry was a Whitey way back a’when, eh? I’d make fun, but unfortunately it is true that color plays a role in our health so…(damn.)

    Wouldn’t the ultimate source of the color spectrum be some relation of Mirror Master’s? An Evil Twin, may…oh wait, can you have an Evil Twin of an Evil Guy? Some sort of Reverse Mirror Master?

  2. Kyer

    Fate was trying to be kind and make me miss that last picture by Devin on the drive, but did I pick up the cues and not click on it? Noooooooo. *head/keyboard slam* A pink Flash sporting a car grill grin I did not need to take into my mind just minutes before hitting the hay. Thank you, Devin. (I will get even…)

  3. Kyer


    Between this site and Archive Of Our Own I’m starting to think my going broadband incited some sort sort of road rage in the Websurfing Gods. You guys keep guying down for the count.

    Thank goodness you came back on before I could start the ball-mouse sacrificial offering.

  4. Kyer

    Heroes the webcomic has a new Flash Fact featuring Jay Garrick and his Reverse Flash! *Big, BIG, grin of happiness*


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