Here Come the Rogues!

I had a great chat with Flash co-writer Brian Buccellato at his signing at The Comic Bug this Wednesday. He dropped a few hints and spoilers, most of which I can’t pass along (alas!), but I can shed some light on the somewhat confusing upcoming schedule:

The Captain Cold story originally solicited to start in issue #7 is now a two-parter running through #6 and #7.

After the Turbine story in #8, the next few issues will be done-in-ones re-introducing the Rogues one at a time, leading up to a bigger Rogues story down the line.

The Barry Allen CSI story is off the table for now.

Oh, and that image up there? A teaser for Flash #6 posted by Francis Manapul.


6 thoughts on “Here Come the Rogues!

  1. Kyer

    Really nice teaser art pic there.
    Very disappointed to see that the CSI story is being scrapped for now. Not that I care all that much for CSI or the Rogues, but to me the CSI sounded more interesting.

    Okay, I *am* somewhat curious to see what if any changes are coming for Pied Piper…assuming he will also be returning to the new 52.

      1. Penny Dreadful

        I’m nervous Piper will be a villain again, given DC’s “turn back the clock” approach to the Flash universe.

  2. Chickenmonkey707

    Cool! Looking forward to seeing what’s in store for the scarlet speedster. Very curious about the rest of the rogues. Hoping to be pleasantly surprised.

    1. Lia

      I don’t see why he wouldn’t. We saw people die in Flashpoint that are alive in the DCNu, so there’s no reason that should carry over.


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