New Flash #7 Cover Revealed!

The Source has posted the new cover to Flash #7, featuring Captain Cold.  The solicit still features the cover to issue #6, which was originally intended to be #7 but was bumped up.  A time-hopping CSI story originally intended for #6 was scrapped in favor of moving up the New 52 debut of the Man Who Mastered Absolute Zero.

In honor of Valentine’s Day, the post focuses on the love triangle that has been on display since the last issues of the pre-Flashpoint series. Editor Brian Cunningham poses some rhetorical questions about the relationship between Barry and Patty, with Iris on the outside (for now).

The fun part is building a love triangle where no one knows how the heck it’ll turn out. For now, Barry’s happily dating Patty…and it might stay that way for a while, with Iris outta luck waiting in the wings. Will Barry someday succumb to Iris’s charms and brassy style, making for a difficult time at work with Patty shooting daggers with her eyes?

Maybe…maybe not. Keep reading to find out. In fact, the cover to FLASH #7 shown below is probably an apt metaphor for our hero with Patty on the left, and Iris on the right.

Happy Valentine’s Day, speed-readers!


10 thoughts on “New Flash #7 Cover Revealed!

  1. Kyer

    The vast majority of the new Cold look is still leaving me cold. Also not sure about the three streams of images…just where are they supposed to be coming from? Barry’s mind? Overall my third least favorite cover. However, I did like the sequential panel between the love triangle.

    Fast on his feet, fast with his thoughts….yet still stuck feeling slower than molasses caught between two women, eh, Barry? I’d say he should talk it over with someone, but Hal isn’t exactly any better at relationships, does Kal-El even have one yet, and Bruce….yeah, Bats on the roof with Catwoman. Better pass on getting relationship advice from the League guys.

  2. Kyer

    Heart stoppage from happiness!

    Over at Scans Daily they have a page from the Star Trek and Legion of Superheroes crossover in which they show a storage area full of different time machines.

    I spy with my little eye…

    Well, besides a couple of Tardises, there is the Time Tunnel, The Time Machine (H.G.Wells), scads of machines really…

    And the Cosmic Treadmill! 😀

    The Tardis and the Cosmic Treadmill in a single scene. Oh the delighted tripping of my heart.

    1. Kyer

      It looks more like they are keeping their options open. I’m *hoping* that this is the team’s way of also keeping the possibility of Wally’s return open (with Wally staying as Iris’s nephew) in case DC ED ever lets them use the character. How realistic that hope is…well, up for debate. I’m not holding my breath on it.

      How *is* Aquaman’s marriage going? To be honest, I’ve kind of lost interest in all things DC save for mild curiousity in Flash and…Wonder Woman’s Hermes. Hehehe…another speedster, yeah, don’t laugh. It was my fascination with Hermes in school that made me notice Jay Garrick in the library, which led to Super Friends and Superman movies, which later led to watching Justice League. So Hermes was my first speedster obsession! Although they sure are drawing the Gods weird over in that book. I still don’t get why Hades is wearing candles on his head. Maybe he’s bald and this is some sort of scalp treatment? 😛


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