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New Flash #7 Cover Revealed!

The Source has posted the new cover to Flash #7, featuring Captain Cold.  The solicit still features the cover to issue #6, which was originally intended to be #7 but was bumped up.  A time-hopping CSI story originally intended for #6 was scrapped in favor of moving up the New 52 debut of the Man Who Mastered Absolute Zero.

In honor of Valentine’s Day, the post focuses on the love triangle that has been on display since the last issues of the pre-Flashpoint series. Editor Brian Cunningham poses some rhetorical questions about the relationship between Barry and Patty, with Iris on the outside (for now).

The fun part is building a love triangle where no one knows how the heck it’ll turn out. For now, Barry’s happily dating Patty…and it might stay that way for a while, with Iris outta luck waiting in the wings. Will Barry someday succumb to Iris’s charms and brassy style, making for a difficult time at work with Patty shooting daggers with her eyes?

Maybe…maybe not. Keep reading to find out. In fact, the cover to FLASH #7 shown below is probably an apt metaphor for our hero with Patty on the left, and Iris on the right.

Happy Valentine’s Day, speed-readers!

Flash-Themed Valentine’s Day Cards

I just received these in the mail yesterday; Flash-themed Valentine’s Day Cards from the 1991 TV Series! The phrases on them are a little cheesy of course, being aimed at grade schoolers, but I do dig the art on them. Especially the designs on the second set of pics. I have to apologize for the low quality on the box art scan though. In order to get a perfect scan I would have had to destroy the box and I’m not willing to do that just yet. In any case take a gander;

Happy Valentine’s Day!

-Devin “The Flash” Johnson