Toy Fair 2012

Toy Fair 2012 got underway on February 12 with a variety of action figure news and photos from Mattel. For Flash fans, the big point of interest is two new figures from the DC Universe Club: Jay Garrick and Mirror Master. The figures are primarily available to subscribers, but people who don’t subscribe to the club can order them at a slightly higher price from Mattel’s site Jay will be available on April 16, and Mirror Master on June 16.

Honestly, these figures look great. The sculpts are wonderful (from Jay’s easy-going smile to Mirror Master’s smirk), and the shiny vacuumized metal on Jay’s helmet is a nice touch. I’ll definitely be picking up Mirror Master, of course.

Another bit of big news is the momentary return of Justice League Unlimited 3-Packs. This series was cancelled a while ago and some figures that had already been announced would seemingly never be released, but will now be available in Autumn 2012 at! This includes a set of Batman, Future Superman, and Vandal Savage.

Also shown were some DC Action League 2-Packs, including the Flashpoint set of Flash and Citizen Cold. These were originally shown at San Diego Comic-Con, but haven’t been released yet. And the New 52-design DC Universe Flash figure was also on display again.

DC Direct has not yet shown anything Flash-related, but Toy Fair spans several days and they may not have unveiled all their new products.

Images and information courtesy of Toy News International. See all their photos of Mattel’s DC figures here.


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15 thoughts on “Toy Fair 2012

    1. Kyer

      They opened a toy store close by and it is still trying to unload their Emotional Spectrum Luthors and Ray’s….which means I keep seeing funky Lex and Palmer and probably not much else for a good while.

      How does the new Jay Garrick stand up to the sculpt that was done years ago for the JSA? I have that one, but it’s packed away in a deep corner in prep for some construction work.

      1. Kyer

        I tried clicking on the photo twice…don’t care for the chrome coloring on Jay’s hat…too shiny.

        However, am interested in Metron sitting in his tribute to Captain Kirk’s chair. 🙂

      2. Lia Post author

        I rarely like to compare figure sculpts unless I have them on hand — sometimes a prototype looks better or worse than the actual mass-market figure. But I do like the face better on that Jay prototype, and the prototype’s helmet looks nice in the photo (hopefully it won’t seem gaudy in person).

        My cats pulled a wing off my Jay figure’s helmet, alas.

  1. Dimitrios

    I saw this past weekend that they had the Action League Flaspoint series at my local Toys R Us, they had all of them too they were pretty cool.

  2. Kyer

    Has anyone ran across the Young Justice 2-figure set of Flash(Barry) and Kid Flash (Wally) yet? I noticed the newest shipment at the local Target no longer says “Coming Spring 2012” on the picture of the pair. Want this set, but it doesn’t look like Target will actually be stocking it….maybe Toys R Us?

    1. Kyer


      I went looking at Toys R Us website and it states this item was “Dropped”! So I did a google and found another site that lists the offering as “Canceled” with a detail link that states: Mattel has not actually manufactured the item!!!!

      What the…???? NOOOOOooooooo!

      1. Kyer

        Yeah, and apparently it is available. Don’t know what the heck is going on over at Toys R Us. This is rotten because that and Target are the closest places to me with licensed DC action figures for sale.

  3. Mike W.

    Ooooooohhh… shiny helmet Jay Garrick! I’ll pick him up. And Mirror Master is a definite buy as well. And it is good to see that Mattel is going forward to releasing the JLU figures via Matty Collector.

  4. Kyer

    Looking at that Jay….I suddenly can’t help but shudder at the thought of Jay in a Lee high collar and accessories for the new 52. They wouldn’t do that, would they? 0.0

    (Although, nothing could possibly be worse than what they did to Alan after breaking his back. That was…that was beyond words.)


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