New 52 Flash Cosplay at MegaCon

The New 52 designs have been filtering into the costuming community since they were revealed last summer. David Ngo spotted this one, the first I’ve seen featuring Jim Lee’s revised Flash design, at MegaCon this past weekend.

Chin guard? Check. Seams? Check. Gold circle around emblem? Check. V-cut boots? Check.

Now if someone can just figure out a practical way to make the seams glow…


4 thoughts on “New 52 Flash Cosplay at MegaCon

  1. Kyer

    Fiber Optics. If you sew in fiber optics then light the sources with small power sources that might work.

    That or some Christmas Rope Lights. 😀

    Speaking of 52 Flash costumes, I just saw a scan from a Batman book (with Superman and Flash) and by contrast Manupal just blows this other style of artwork away. I do hope they keep up the ‘lighthearted’ ‘daylight’ version of Flash as opposed to the ‘dark’ artistry of Batman.

  2. Dimitrios

    I know this guy, he’s a member of the LOH and he posted how him and his wife did it, really great thread and an awesome suit.


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